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At the Feet of The Mother

ऊर्जा – भाग 2 (TH 303)

We take up more questions related to Energy from the spiritual point of view:
21. How can one use his energy for a higher purpose?
22. What is the relation between The Divine’s Energy and the energy we know?
23. What is the way to achieve the Divine’s Energy?
24. What is the role of energy in our Yoga of Transformation?
25. Is the energy found in the scientific discoveries helpful for a man to achieve his true aim?
26. What is meant by ‘to remain open only to the Divine’s Energy?
27. The Mother is our source of energy. But a man who does not know about the Divine how does he receive energy from his day to day works?
28. How can we draw energy from the Universal-Vital Energy?
29. Normally we get energy from food. But there are some people who do not eat. From which source do they have energy?
30. Is there anything called bad energy?
31. Does the application of good or bad energy on others has any effect on the being who has applied it?
32. How can we feel the effect of good and bad energy on our physical bodies?
33. Sometimes after a little work we feel short of energy and sometimes even after a full day’s work we do not feel tired, we feel happy, what is the reason?
35. Dealing with depression
36. How do Vital Energy, Mental Energy and Spiritual Energy affect us?
37. Is energy harmful to us?

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