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At the Feet of The Mother

ऊर्जा – भाग 3 (TH 304)

This is the concluding part of questions and answers on Energy, including such subjects as Mantra, Kundalini, Divine Energy and many others.

38. Does the use of modern energy make us lazy?
39. Is the amount of energy different at different places? Like a temple and a bazar?
40. Is the energy of earth and energy of space different?
41. Is there any more energy to be discovered in our Galaxy?
42. Can we destroy the energy?
43. Why is energy needed for everything?
44. Do we need any medium to use energy?
45. How can we use energy in a useful way in our daily life?
46. Do we spend energy when we think? When we think don’t feel tired but after the game, we usually feel tired?
47. Poornima and amavasya how do they affect our energy?
48. Now a days from waste electricity is created. Like this can any energy be created from our wasted thoughts?
49. In Corona period many brothers and sisters are in a depressed state. How can they be able to recover from it?
50. I think man can do whatever he wants, do what he can concentrate on. (Such as: Can a large stone be thrown away without touch. Is this really possible? If so, how? What kind of energy is this?
51. It is said that “Sun is the ultimate source of energy”. So, is not it correct to tell “Sun is energy” instead of “Everything is energy”?
52. What is the difference between power and incompetence?
53. Is mantra a power?
54. Does Music (Higher & Lower Music) have any effect on our energy level in our body?
55. Does meditation develop our internal energy?
56. What are hidden powers of Energy?
57. How can we heal our diseases by our internal energy?
58. Are the students become motivated by the internal energy by the teacher? If yes, how can the teacher motivate the students by it?
59. How to control our body, mind, emotion by the hidden power of energy?
60. Is human being also a source of energy?
61. Humans have been wasting energy every moment. In the same way, does he waste his inner power? How?
62. It is found that most of the students are very much energetic in their childhood days. But after the schooling they become just the opposite. How can we help them?
63. What is Kundalini Energy? How to feel it? In our daily life how can we make contact with the chakras and grow our energy level?

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