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At the Feet of The Mother

वनस्पति जगत (भाग-३) TH 366

इस हिन्दी वार्ता में हम वनस्पति जगत पर इन प्रश्नों के उत्तर जानते हैं।
In this Hindi talk we find the answers to following questions on Vegetal kingdom.

– It is said that our fore-fathers were very much aware of the consciousness of plants, Even, they used this knowledge and Ayurveda came… Like them, how can we be conscious about our surrounding plants and their consciousness. What programs should we include in our daily life and in our curriculum?

– Is there a way to be identified with a plant? Please elaborate the method and what to do so that we can converse with plants as we do with human beings.

– Do the large trees attract ghosts?

– What does Consciousness in Plants really mean? When we speak of Consciousness in Plants, we talk about movement of branches of plants towards light, is this what Consciousness in Plant refers to? But, it’s the natural process of plants. Then, how can we say that plants are conscious? And if it is so, then we can say they are conscious people who live for their foods only. Is this understanding correct?

– Plants give reactions to different stimuli. It was doing so earlier as it is doing now. However, we can now record this behaviour with machines and we say they are conscious. Does consciousness mean the reaction of plants to different stimuli? If it is consciousness then each human being is conscious as we also react to situations and stimuli. Then why is there a need to be conscious?

– Do “Reaction or impulse to various stimuli” and “Consciousness” refer to the same thing? If not, how are they different?

– In the evolution, first were inanimate, then came plants followed by animals and human beings. But when we speak about consciousness, we tend to focus more on plant consciousness and their receptivity than that of animals. Even The Mother has spoken so much about it – Gave spiritual significance to flowers. Why is there less focus in this context on animals even though they are just the previous stage in evolutionary journey?

– Humans have four beings – Psychic, Mental, Vital and Physical. Similarly, other than Physical, do plants have the other beings – Mental, Vital and Psychic?

– How do Plants aspire?

– How can humans communicate with plants?

– What is the difference between Plant Consciousness and Animal Consciousness?

– Plants are conscious. Then in a garden, plants stay alone or they establish relationships with other plants?

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