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At the Feet of The Mother

१७ नवंबर २०२२ का मैसेज (RH 125)

इस हिन्दी वार्ता में हम आ के message पर मनन करते हैं।

Darshan Message of 17th November 2022: 
‘Look into the depths of your heart and you will see there the Divine Presence.’ The Mother, 14 July 1954

‘If one has the close inner relation, one feels the Mother always near and within and round and there is no insistence on the closer physical relation for its own sake. Those who have not this, should aspire for it and not hanker after the other. If they get the outer closeness, they will find that it means nothing without the inner oneness and closeness. One may be physically near the Mother and yet as far from her as the Sahara desert.’ [Sri Aurobindo, CWSA 32:495]

‘It is a great mistake to think that physical nearness is the one thing indispensable for the progress. It will do nothing for you if you do not establish the inner contact, for without that you could remain from morning to night with me and yet you will never truly meet me. It is only by the inner opening and contact that you can realise my presence.’ [The Mother, CWM 13:79]

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