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At the Feet of The Mother

24th April 2021

The Mother has arrived but in a different way this time than we wanted or expected. 


We were preparing to welcome Her with flowers and fragrance.  But the flower that She demands now is not those earthly flowers that bloom awhile and fade away. She wants us to offer at Her Feet the flower of an unfading faith, the faith that blooms as the deathless Rose within the secret depths of our inmost heart. No more of the incense that burns low and then slowly turns into ash but the flame of aspiration fragrant with devotion and surrender that would rise higher and higher towards Her.


She has come, but where shall we find Her. Her Rooms are closed and the doors of Her sanctuary are shut. Where is She then? She has come to once again remind Her that She never left us since Her coming.  Only She changed Her dwelling to the One place where She always dwells. That permanent dwelling is in the human heart. There we must find Her, worship and adore Her. For a special work, a certain kind of work She had built for Herself a material space carved out of mud and clay. That work is over. It is done. The deed is done. She has fulfilled Her promise. The material spaces where She pressed Her Feet are indeed blessed. They contain and will always retain the stamp of Her mighty memories, they stand testimony to Her redeeming touch, the breath of Grace upon our vexed human lives.  She had come there at the call of the Lord. She stayed with the Lord to fulfil Her work of conquering Death while the Lord Himself passed through its dark portals. That work is over and now They have both taken Their true station, in the human heart, right behind the physical world we feel alone as real. 


It is now from there that They are preparing man for receiving the New Forces. All that is happening now and yet may happen is only to prepare us for the New Creation.  It is happening only to hasten our journey,  to accelerate the transition, the leap from Man to Superman.  


Let us then worship Her in our hearts,  find and adore Her there. There we can enter everyday and anytime,  have Her Darshan and celebrate the Advent of the New World at every moment of our lives.  This is what She expects of us and not so much the outer celebrations which may satisfy our feelings. But the outer without the inner is meaningless and without the true basis even as the inner without the outer remains incomplete. But for now the command is to find Her within, in another space, the space of subtle matter where She has chosen to permanently dwell along with the Lord, Sri Aurobindo. 

Let us adore Her there and offering ourselves completely into Their hands, delivered from all illusion and delusion, fear and grief, sing with full trust and joy:


Om MotherSriAurobindo is my refuge.
Om MotherSriAurobindo is my refuge.
Om MotherSriAurobindo is my refuge.

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