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At the Feet of The Mother

24th November (5) Darshan Days – Then and Now

What does the Darshan mean now when the embodied Divine has withdrawn from the limits of our earthly sight we may ask? 

The Darshan days though still so far observed in the Ashram have a slightly altered significance. The Mother states clearly the difference especially subsequent to the Supramental Manifestation that took place on the 29th February 1956. She observes:

In the days when Sri Aurobindo used to give Darshan, before he gave it there was always a concentration of certain forces or of a certain realisation which he wanted to give to people. And so each Darshan marked a stage forward; each time something was added. But that was at a time when the number of visitors was very limited. It was organised in another way, and it was part of the necessary preparation.

But this special concentration, now, occurs at other times, not particularly on Darshan days. And it occurs much more often, on other kinds of occasions, in other circumstances. The movement is much accelerated, the march forward, the stages succeed each other much more rapidly. And perhaps it is more difficult to follow; or in any case, if one doesn’t take care to keep up, one is much more quickly out-distanced than before; one gets the feeling of being late or of being abandoned. Things change quickly.

But Mother, what is the significance of the message you give every Darshan? For example, today you gave the picture of the flower that symbolises the supramental manifestation.

Yes, as I have just told you, this is spread in thousands of copies all over the world. It is an externalisation of the thing, it is a way of spreading the influence, spreading the message, reaching farther. Everything that is said in a Darshan message has been studied, proved, tested, beforehand. And on Darshan day it is given. First the experiment is made, then it is declared publicly.

The first movement is the individual development; at the Darshan time it is spread abroad. [CWM 8: 262].

In other words the exceptional Divine Help that was specifically made available on the Darshan days is in fact more readily available depending upon our inner receptivity and a certain divine rhythm that chooses its moment of manifestation in our life. 

Having said that we should not in any way underestimate the significance of visiting the Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s rooms on these and other special days. Though we may not be fortunate to behold the Divine Form in the embodied Avatar, – after all even with open eyes how much do we see, but we can surely know by the eye of faith that They have set their eyes upon us and the divine gaze has fallen upon our life and touched us with Benedictions of the Grace. Their room, the Ashram, the Samadhi is charged intensely with the atmosphere of their Divine Presence and all that is required to receive the occult spiritual help is a little aspiration, a call, a movement of sincerity and above all faith. 

The Mother reveals about Sri Aurobindo’s room in conversation with a disciple: 

You know, one has to be very pure to be able to stand there. The atmosphere in his room is charged with an intense consciousness. One should not stand for a long time. One cannot….

There, — there is the manifestation of the Truth. To be in front of His room is to perceive the Absolute Consciousness. He who knows how to open himself, truly open himself wide and spontaneously, will find His invariable help for everything. It is unbelievable! It is Invincible! And All-Powerful! Do not pretend. In front of Him, one has to be straightforward, scrupulously frank and sincere and one has to simply open oneself to be able to feel His Beatitude.

It is extraordinary, the power of His Reality. No one could stand and no one could bear it if He reveals Himself in His entirety. That is why I was warning you in advance. Never pretend or make a semblance that you are one of those who have the permission to stand before His room. It vibrates with His Presence. Be happy and make of your life a consecra­tion for accomplishing His work here below. It is an exceptional oppor­tunity. Be worthy of it and do not waste time.


What a marvel! What a Power! What Grandeur! The One who was with us, His Power and His Force still vibrate in His room. It is a place for meditation and for receiving the Vibration of the Truth which it emits. It is charged. The presence of Sri Aurobindo is palpably felt by one who is sincere. Voilà. [Blessings of the Grace: 109 – 110 August 10, 1952]

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