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At the Feet of The Mother

A Beautiful Dream, p. 468

Opening Remarks
To Savitri it is like a dream come true. Though she is aware of the danger lurking around yet the solitude that the hermitage provides with the company of Satyavan is like heaven itself.

Gorgeous dream
At first to her beneath the sapphire heavens
The sylvan solitude was a gorgeous dream,
An altar of the summer’s splendour and fire,
A sky-topped flower-hung palace of the gods
And all its scenes a smile on rapture’s lips
And all its voices bards of happiness.

Savitri is all love and the joy of its fulfilment. In that beatific state everything under the blue sky, the solitude amidst the trees, the splendour of the summer, the space full of flowers as if like a palace were nothing else but a gorgeous dream of beauty and bliss. All that she saw and all that she heard brought bright smiles and happiness.

Morn to eve
There was a chanting in the casual wind,
There was a glory in the least sunbeam;
Night was a chrysoprase on velvet cloth,
A nestling darkness or a moonlit deep;
Day was a purple pageant and a hymn,
A wave of the laughter of light from morn to eve.

The casual winds seemed a chant, the least sunbeam was a glory. Night seemed a precious gem upon a velvet cloth. It seemed as if the darkness nestled beautiful things in her heart or was a depth beyond measure lit by the moonlight. Day was a hymn and a festival of colours, a wave of the laughter of light running from morning to evening.

Satyavan’s presence
His absence was a dream of memory,
His presence was the empire of a god.

When Satyavan was away her life was as if living in a dream of beautiful memory. His presence made the place look like an empire of a god.

Joys of earth and heaven
A fusing of the joys of earth and heaven,
A tremulous blaze of nuptial rapture passed,
A rushing of two spirits to be one,
A burning of two bodies in one flame.

Her life was as a wonderful fusing of earth and heaven. The nuptial rapture was like a tremulous blaze of two spirits that rushed to become one, a burning of two bodies in one flame.

Unforgettable bliss
Opened were gates of unforgettable bliss:
Two lives were locked within an earthly heaven
And fate and grief fled from that fiery hour.

The marriage opened for her gates of unforgettable bliss. It was as if two lives were locked within an earthly heaven and fate and grief had fled from that fiery moment of union.

Closing remarks
Savitri experiences the joy of union with Satyavan, her lover and beloved and for whom she was willing to take on the challenge of fate.

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