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At the Feet of The Mother

A Call for Yoga and Loving the Divine

It often happens that when we are destined for the Path then things and events and circumstances, the people we meet and the books we come across, often suddenly and unexpectedly as if come to remind us of our mission and our goal. Unfortunately, people often miss this leading and take it as chance and coincidence. So it is one way that we are being called.

But this call from the Divine showing us the doors of our destiny has to awaken a corresponding response in the human heart. When this happens and we feel the urge to undertake the journey drawn towards the Goal or the Master with faith in Him and His leading then we can say that we have a call for the Path. So the first is when the Divine calls us, and the second is when we have heard the call and heed it.

However, when somebody feels love for Them, it is going one step further. It means that not only has the Divine called you and your soul has heard and responded, but that He has accepted fully your response and taken your burden upon Himself.  What more can one ever want or seek for.

Love is sufficient by itself. It is the magic lever that opens the sanctum sanctorum, the alchemist energy of the intended transformation. As Sri Aurobindo says, ‘ There is nothing which is beyond the reach of the God-lover or denied to him; for he is the favourite of the divine Lover and the self of the Beloved.’

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