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At the Feet of The Mother

A Dark Philosophy, p. 229

Opening Remarks
It is a dark philosophy that makes sorrow seem to be the path to the Divine. Of course one must face sorrow when it comes but to make it an object by itself is a dark philosophy. Tragedy, sorrow, suffering are not what the Divine wants in this world. They come as incidents of our evolutionary journey that we need to understand and tackle but the path leading the All-Delightful is full of joy and peace.

A world of sorrow and hate
It was a world of sorrow and of hate,
Sorrow with hatred for its lonely joy,
Hatred with others’ sorrow as its feast;
A bitter rictus curled the suffering mouth;
A tragic cruelty saw its ominous chance.

Here, in this domain suffering and hate was the daily food. Beings of this realm were bitter carrying a frown and sinister smile around them. Tragedy and cruelty had its full play in this world.

The black archangel
Hate was the black archangel of that realm;
It glowed, a sombre jewel in the heart
Burning the soul with its malignant rays,
And wallowed in its fell abysm of might.

Hate was a high ranking angel of this realm and was given a special place in the heart. Its malignant rays tortured the soul and made the creatures wallow in its dark power arisen from the Abyss.

Instruments of unseen doom
These passions even objects seemed to exude,—
For mind overflowed into the inanimate
That answered with the wickedness it received,—
Against their users used malignant powers,
Hurt without hands and strangely, suddenly slew,
Appointed as instruments of an unseen doom.

Even objects seemed to exude this dark passion of hate. Dark and evil thoughts of wickedness and hate charged the objects there and exuded these energies upon their users. This dark occultism was practiced by these beings in the form of black magic to hurt and harm their opponents and bring doom upon them.

Ominous bell
Or they made themselves a fateful prison wall
Where men condemned wake through the creeping hours
Counted by the tollings of an ominous bell.

These forces imprisoned humanity in a prison of consciousness built by hate and suffering where life moved by the notes of an ominous Time.

Evil environment
An evil environment worsened evil souls:
All things were conscious there and all perverse.

Evil thrived in that environment where all things were consciously perverse as a self-chosen way of life.

Closing Remarks
Thus we see how man gets imprisoned by states of consciousness that arise from the abyss and grip man’s world and fill it with sorrow and hate.

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