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At the Feet of The Mother

A Dark Religion, pp. 209-210

Opening Remarks
Not only politics but even religion has come under the influence of evil that lives in the underbelly of creation. It has changed religion also into something dark and despicable.

Sacred code
A frame of ethics knobbed with scriptural rules
Or a theory passionately believed and praised
A table seemed of high Heaven’s sacred code.

Even Scripture was used to fill this world with evil’s ways. Its ethics became a frame for injustice and its dogma and doctrines turned into the highest truths that all must be forced to follow.

Rigid and formidable
A formal practice mailed and iron-shod
Gave to a rude and ruthless warrior kind
Drawn from the savage bowels of the earth
A proud stern poise of harsh nobility,
A civic posture rigid and formidable.

Strict rituals were enforced into practice by ruthless rulers who embodied this darkness emerging from the bowels of the earth. Savage at heart their sense of nobility was a proud and stern poise, their approach to others rigid and unalterable with no place for kindness and compassionate understanding.

Power and utility
But all their private acts belied the pose:
Power and utility were their Truth and Right,
An eagle rapacity clawed its coveted good,
Beaks pecked and talons tore all weaker prey.

The goal of these religions was not God but control, power, dominion over earth and others. All that they cared for was usefulness of others for their life. Regardless of what they professed to believe, their private life was filled with the very things they preached against. As an eagle eyeing on its piece of meat they lusted and hunted after their selfish good and tore away all that opposed and refused to submit and were weak enough to oppose.

Sweet secrecy of pleasant sins
In their sweet secrecy of pleasant sins
Nature they obeyed and not a moralist God.

There was a big difference between what they preached and what they practiced. This hypocrisy and deception was their way of life.

Virtuous wrath
Inconscient traders in bundles of contraries,
They did what in others they would persecute;
When their eyes looked upon their fellow’s vice,
An indignation flamed, a virtuous wrath;
Oblivious of their own deep-hid offence,
Moblike they stoned a neighbour caught in sin.

Claiming to be superior in their righteousness, they did what in others they decried. Flaunting their virtues as a sign of superiority while hiding their own misdeeds and weaknesses, they sprang up to judge and condemn and punish their fellow-men caught in immoral acts.

False decrees
A pragmatist judge within passed false decrees,
Posed worst iniquities on equity’s base,
Reasoned ill actions just, sanctioned the scale
Of the merchant ego’s interest and desire.

Legalising falsehood, they passed judgments to continue their reign of falsehood. They reasoned wrong actions as fair and just only to safeguard their empire of ego and desire.

An artificial balance
Thus was a balance kept, the world could live.

Thus they kept the balance of their justice, only to keep their unjust world alive.

Closing Remarks
Thus we see how falsehood has extended its tentacles in every field and sphere of human action, be it high professions, politics, religion, law and society in general.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.