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At the Feet of The Mother

A Dark Religion, pp. 228-229

Opening Remarks
Religions that inspire fear are among the most susceptible to being captured by the dark forces. This is especially so when the founder is gone and it is left to ignorant men to interpret his words.

Pitiless image of Power
In a fell chapel of iniquity
To worship a black pitiless image of Power
Kneeling one must cross hard-hearted stony courts,
A pavement like a floor of evil fate.

The God of these religions is a power of falsehood. He is pitiless rather than compassionate and revels in evil. His followers learn to harden their hearts to cross the floors that lead to this image as if towards an evil fate. For what can be worse fate than worshipping evil and mistaking it for god.

Bombs and slaughter
Each stone was a keen edge of ruthless force
And glued with the chilled blood from tortured breasts;
The dry gnarled trees stood up like dying men
Stiffened into a pose of agony,
And from each window peered an ominous priest
Chanting Te Deums for slaughter’s crowning grace,
Uprooted cities, blasted human homes,
Burned writhen bodies, the bombshell’s massacre.

Their path is a path of ruthless force filled with cold blood of animals and men. The trees around his courts felt the touch of this cruelty and had grown into a stiff pose of agony. The ominous priests of this dark Asuric religion and cults gave dictat and command for slaughter and bombings of cities and human houses, to kill men and humanity itself.

Songs of praise to a merciless god
“Our enemies are fallen, are fallen,” they sang,
“All who once stayed our will are smitten and dead;
How great we are, how merciful art Thou.”

These ominous priests sang songs of praise for their evil deeds and thanked god and praised his mercy for killing their ‘enemies’.

God’s impassive throne
Thus thought they to reach God’s impassive throne
And Him command whom all their acts opposed,
Magnifying their deeds to touch his skies,
And make him an accomplice of their crimes.

This was their approach to reach god’s throne through these evil deeds and wicked acts and command his power whom they opposed in their hearts and actions. Drawing upon his name they made him an accomplice to their crimes of hate and cruelty.

Terror and gloom
There no relenting pity could have place,
But ruthless strength and iron moods had sway,
A dateless sovereignty of terror and gloom:
This took the figure of a darkened God
Revered by the racked wretchedness he had made,
Who held in thrall a miserable world,
And helpless hearts nailed to unceasing woe
Adored the feet that trampled them into mire.

There was no pity or kindness or love but only evil and hate which was magnified into the image of a god. It was a god of terror and gloom who was revered by the wretched followers whose work was to create misery and suffering to the world. It was this god of hate and scorn whom they worshipped.

Closing Remarks
We see how evil has occupied even some of the so-called ‘major religious’ movements and sit on a blood stained throne and do wicked deeds in the name of god.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.