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At the Feet of The Mother

A Deeper Yearning, pp. 257-258

Opening remarks
A deeper yearning now seizes the mind and reason. It is the yearning to discover what still is missed, the yearning to go beyond its limitations and its limits.

Towards a higher light
Attracted by the All that is the One,
She yearns towards a higher light than hers;
Hid by her cults and creeds she has glimpsed God’s face:
She knows she has but found a form, a robe,
But ever she hopes to see him in her heart
And feel the body of his reality.

All human beings who nurture a honest seeking for Truth discover the limitations of reason at some point. Then there wakes in them an aspiration for a greater Light. They sense a hidden truth behind all human seekings that our philosophy, ideology, religion, cults and creeds half reveal, half conceal. She must go beyond to discover that hidden Truth in its very bare and beautiful body and being.

A mask is there
As yet a mask is there and not a brow,
Although sometimes two hidden eyes appear:
Reason cannot tear off that glimmering mask,
Her efforts only make it glimmer more;
In packets she ties up the Indivisible;
Finding her hands too small to hold vast Truth
She breaks up knowledge into alien parts
Or peers through cloud-rack for a vanished sun:
She sees, not understanding what she has seen,
Through the locked visages of finite things
The myriad aspects of infinity.

As yet she only beholds some veiled suggestions and hints here and there, a momentary passing glimpse through the mask it cannot tear. Her effort to understand what lies within the mask only make the mask more shining but do not yield the truth within. She picks up pieces of truth and tries to construct them into some kind of a meaningful whole but fails since she is unable to behold the totality and the whole in a single glance. Through finite things, each an aspect of the infinity, she seeks to understand the unbroken Reality, the single Truth, complete and indivisible and whole.

One day
One day the Face must burn out through the mask.

One day her efforts will prepare her to behold the Face of Truth hidden behind appearances. The mask will burn off through the aspiration of the soul.

Wisdom’s chrysalis
Our ignorance is Wisdom’s chrysalis,
Our error weds new knowledge on its way,
Its darkness is a blackened knot of light;
Thought dances hand in hand with Nescience
On the grey road that winds towards the Sun.

Our ignorance is the covering behind which a deep Wisdom is working and preparing us for its revelation. Our error keeps plucking truths on the way towards Knowledge. Our darkness is a concealment of Light. Our thought dances with ignorance on the grey roads that are winding towards some yet hidden Sun.

Closing Remarks
Truth is infinite and until we discover it our journey cannot end. It must go on completing the entire evolutionary curve of Time.

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