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At the Feet of The Mother

A Growth and Purification of the Consciousness is the Only Remedy (TE 274)

This talk by Dr Alok Pandey is about the remedy suggested by the Mother about the human problems. It lies in a progressive growth of consciousness and its purification. Delivered as a 2020 Prof. Jagdish Vyas Memorial Lecture, hosted by SAYFNA. 

Words of the Mother



Sri Aurobindo has told us and we are convinced by experience that above the mind there is a consciousness much wiser that the mental wisdom, and in the depths of things there is a will much more powerful that the human will.

All our endeavour is to make this consciousness and this will govern our lives and action and organise all our activities. It is the way in which the Ashram has been created. Since 1962 when Sri Aurobindo retired and gave me full charge of it (at that time there were only two rented houses and a handful of disciples) all has grown up and developed like the growth of a forest, and each service was created not by any artificial planning but by a living and dynamic need. This is the secret of constant growth and endless progress. The present difficulties come chiefly from psychological resistances in the disciple who have not been able to follow the rather rapid pace of the “sadhana”‘ and the yielding to the instruction of mental methods which have corrupted the initial working.

A growth and purification of the consciousness is the only remedy.

9 March, 1964

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