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At the Feet of The Mother

A Higher Process in the Sadhana

Guidance from Sri Aurobindo


Is this not a period of rest in which the higher Force prepares my nature for a new opening while the assimilation of the previous descent is still going on?

It is often so.

Some parts of the being feel tired of the peace as it never brings anything but passivity!

It is very stupid of these parts to be tired of Peace. Would restlessness be better? Without Peace either Force cannot descend or it would be a mixed or Asuric force.

What is this tremendously passive state that has come to me?

Probably only as a preliminary to the dynamic descent.

Yesterday my state was all peace and silence — an entire stillness. But nothing more. Today, along with yesterday’s condition, I feel strong vibrations of the Force — not only above the head but as if around my whole body. Has a dynamic Force started to work?

Evidently, if you feel its vibrations round you.

Today the action of the Force was felt above the head and on the face and hands, but only while I was strongly concentrated on it. Instead of increasing its field of action, why such a restraint in its movement?

There seems to be a special difficulty about the Force descending. It must be that something in the vital is not ready.

Often a new thing descends from above, increases in power for a time, then begins to disperse and finally fades away completely.

It is because only a part of the being receives it and only as an experience, not as a settled or a dynamic realisation in the nature — even in that part of the nature.

Merely to have experiences of the higher consciousness will not change the nature. Either the higher consciousness has to make a dynamic descent into the whole being and change it — or it must establish itself in the inner being down to the inner physical so that the latter feels itself separate from the outer and is able to act freely upon it — or the psychic must come forward and change the nature — or the inner will must awake and force the nature to change. These are the four ways in which change can be brought about.

What happened to the dynamic descent? I thought something was trying to remove the obstacle it met in the physical mind and heart centres.

Such a working does not always immediately fulfil the object. It works and waits and works again and that may go on for a long time.

What good is this dynamic descent if it needs years and years merely to touch the heart centre? Just what is this dynamic descent?

It is a thing which is new and has to be worked out by this Yoga.

Why such a long period of emptiness after a descent?

There is no special why, it is a process of the consciousness in the preparation of the lower by the higher.

It is true that the preparation is going on and much progress has been made.

After a descent into the physical, why is there a long period of emptiness? If it is for assimilation, cannot the other parts, — mind, vital and the higher consciousness — continue their normal progress?

No, it is not done in that way.

The higher Force cannot descend fully and permanently unless the ground is well laid out and secured. But our attempts to make it descend are always fruitful. Either a part of the Force comes down or it at least sends a pressure which is felt like a generating power. This pressure cuts asunder the obstructing veils between the higher nature and ours.


A Force is felt in the body. But as it is not tangible, I am not sure if it has really come inside the body. It is said that when the Force works in the physical, it has to be tangible.

Don’t understand — the Force can be felt above, around, or anywhere else and yet be quite tangible. If it is felt in the body, then it must be in the body.

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