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At the Feet of The Mother

A Last Effort, p. 255

Opening Remarks
The curve of Reason is coming to an end. The solid face of creation has collapsed into an unthinkable void. But none knows what lurks there. Would reason and modern science be able to discover the truth through its probe into the atomic void? Would it be able to reorient its social thought based on the discoveries of quantum world? These are the questions that it confronts now and tries to answer in a last ditch effort to hold on to the gospel of Reason and modern Science.

Atomic vast
Thus tumbled, sinking, sprawling in the Void,
Clutching for props, a soil on which to stand,
She only saw a thin atomic Vast,
The rare-point sparse substratum universe
On which floats a solid world’s phenomenal face.

Its search has led Reason and Science to the discovery of a vast atomic substrate teeming with quantum particles, a dance of electric and other forms of energy in a vast void of space. Science is now searching for the ultimate prop on which seemingly solid world stands or floats.

The riven invisible atom’s force
Alone a process of events was there
And Nature’s plastic and protean change
And, strong by death to slay or to create,
The riven invisible atom’s omnipotent force.

Perhaps the world is nothing but a process of events happening in Space and Time. Perhaps in the sub-atomic world there is the ultimate force, the omnipotent energy, the original creatrix force that can save or destroy creation. It is this that that assumes millions of forms. By splitting the atoms, science seeks to lay hold upon this tremendous force.

One chance
One chance remained that here might be a power
To liberate man from the old inadequate means
And leave him sovereign of the earthly scene.

Thus Science and Reason seek to harness and tap this tremendous atomic energy to perfect our world. It believes that man’s salvation lies in this direction since it can arm him with all that he needs to live happily hereafter as a king of earth!

The original Force
For Reason then might grasp the original Force
To drive her car upon the roads of Time.

It is this atomic energy that Reason believes to be the original force that once harnessed can be put at the service of man.

Standardised perfection
All then might serve the need of the thinking race,
An absolute State found order’s absolute,
To a standardised perfection cut all things,
In society build a just exact machine.

The human race of thinking beings may then perfect society by standardising everything based on these discoveries of science. Our society too can be built as a perfect just machine where everything is rationalised, clear, exact and precise.

Science and Reason careless of the soul
Then science and reason careless of the soul
Could iron out a tranquil uniform world,
Aeonic seekings glut with outward truths
And a single-patterned thinking force on mind,
Inflicting Matter’s logic on Spirit’s dreams
A reasonable animal make of man
And a symmetrical fabric of his life.

This is the last and final effort of Science and Reason to explain and define the world and its laws without bringing in any spiritual element or soul entity. It seeks to resolve all differences through a rational dialogue and rational processes based on a study of outward truths and their laws. This is the new socialism that irons out all differences by imposing a single logical pattern upon all things. Its unity is thereby built upon another kind of uniformity. Man is thus seen as an upgraded version of animal, a reasonable animal so to say. But in truth he is an animal with the same impulses and instincts moving his life.

Nature’s peak
This would be Nature’s peak on an obscure globe,
The grand result of the long ages’ toil,
Earth’s evolution crowned, her mission done.

It believes this to be the highest peak of Nature, the grand result of her ageless toil. To create this thinking rational creature is her ultimate possibility with this her work is over.

Closing Remarks
With this reason enters into its last and final curve, its last effort to perfect earth and humanity through science.

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