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At the Feet of The Mother

A Lifetime Journey

The search for the psychic being is a lifetime journey and yet it is worth every bit of it since whatever effort we put in this direction is a permanent thing that makes it that much easier when we come back in a new body.

The most important element is a sincere will to discover it. For the psychic being is hidden deep within our heart and as long as remain tied to surface emotions and passions, as long as we remain subject to all the knocks and touches that excite us on the surface we will find it difficult to undertake this journey that requires a certain degree of commitment towards this discovery. We have to learn to give importance to this discovery above all things and practice stepping back from the whorl pool of forces that keep moving us.

The first thing needed therefore is to make the Divine discovery our goal, not as one of the many goals but the most important thing that we need to discover.

Next, this fire of aspiration for the discovery needs to be fed with the fuel of Divine Name. Before starting an activity and after completing it, even the smallest and insignificant of actions we should practice ‘Remember and Offer.’ Whether it be eating or sleeping or walking or meeting someone we should remember the Mother and offer it to Her.

Along with this it is always good to spend every day some time in quiet contemplation of the Divine, preferably in the heart (centre of the chest) and concentrate on the Name and Form of the Divine (whatever name and form we naturally have faith in). In the Integral Yoga, it is the Name and Form of the Divine Mother on which we concentrate. We could concentrate thus twice or thrice a day, on an average 20 to 30 minutes in each setting. It is good to read every day some Savitri or Prayers and Meditations or other writing which one finds helping to connect with the Divine. The rest of the activities should be organised keeping in mind this great discovery to be made.

For most of us, this is a good program to start with. The mainstay however remains the Mother’s Name or Naam Japa.

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