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At the Feet of The Mother

A link Intelligence, pp. 241-242

Opening Remarks
This intelligence though seeming to be free actually binds itself within the limits of its own creations. It works mechanically so that a temporary order is created and objects follow a certain law and course set for them by action of this mind. It links the physical and vital parts to higher states of consciousness.

Greater miracle
Even a greater miracle was done.

Its workings do not stop here. A greater miracle appears to the eyes as it works in matter’s depths and acts upon the formless energy.

The mediating light
The mediating light linked body’s power,
The sleep and dreaming of the tree and plant,
The animal’s vibrant sense, the thought in man,
To the effulgence of a Ray above.

This mind has evolved so as to mediate between the higher consciousness and the body. Not only human beings but even animals and plants respond to the higher states through the mediating agency of this mind.

Sentient passages
Its skill endorsing Matter’s right to think
Cut sentient passages for the mind of flesh
And found a means for Nescience to know.

This mind has evolved the brain in such a way as to receive and transmit the thoughts that arise in the cosmic consciousness as vibrations. Thus, by its mediation, matter begins to think and Nescience begins to become conscious through the human brain

Symbol words
Offering its little squares and cubes of word
As figured substitutes for reality,
A mummified mnemonic alphabet,
It helped the unseeing Force to read her works.

Sounds and words are symbols to express states of consciousness. This mind has helped develop language and its rules to formulate ‘knowledge’ and communicate its learning.
It is through the medium of language that we begin to become aware by expressing what lay unseen or vaguely felt within us.

A buried consciousness
A buried consciousness arose in her
And now she dreams herself human and awake.

Slowly this labouring power shapes our humanity out of a largely animal body. It rouses the involved mind within matter and thereby opens the doors to the evolution from animal to man.

Mobile Ignorance
But all was still a mobile Ignorance;
Still Knowledge could not come and firmly grasp
This huge invention seen as a universe.

Still there was no finality in its ‘knowledge’ which was just a provisional scheme of thought that tried to understand and explain the universe. It kept changing with passage of time, replacing greater degrees of ignorance with lesser ones.

Logic’s hard machine
A specialist of logic’s hard machine
Imposed its rigid artifice on the soul;
An aide of the inventor intellect,
It cut Truth into manageable bits
That each might have his ration of thought-food,
Then new-built Truth’s slain body by its art:
A robot exact and serviceable and false
Displaced the spirit’s finer view of things:
A polished engine did the work of a god.

Knowledge is vast and infinite. It needs a mind vast and supple to understand the ways of workings of a free cosmic Intelligence. Yet this mind fixes it through the use of logic and calls as laws what is simply a habitual pattern. It could not comprehend the totality of creation and hence sliced it into manageable bits and parts through the sharp blade of logic.
Then it joined them together to understand the whole. But Truth is greater than the sum of its parts and there is within us something that escapes measure and device. It is this core, this central hub that it could not fathom. Thus it saw in the universe
A dead machine and in nature an inconscient energy that worked incessantly with a minute precision as if it was driven by a blind mechanical robot, perfect in its workings but artificial and false. There was no need anymore of conscious forces and beings that turned the engines of creation in groves set by a vast cosmic Intelligence. All was the workings of an inconscient force.

The missing Truth’s whole
None the true body found, its soul seemed dead:
None had the inner look which sees Truth’s whole;
All glorified the glittering substitute.

Thus was missed the total Truth and its flaming core. What was found was a dead universe glittering with jewel lamps that were lit somehow by the dance of mechanical energies and forces that had no real basis or reason to exist.

Closing Remarks
This is the figure of creation sketched out by the little mind, its surface understanding of the forces that drive the physical world. But Creation goes further and there are greater vistas that remain yet unknown to its search.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.