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At the Feet of The Mother

A Lost Forbidden World, pp. 235-236

Opening remarks
This world is a space where all our heart’s desires seem to be drawn towards satisfaction. All our hopes and wishes and fantasies find their fulfilment there.

Life’s high visions
All life’s high visions are embodied there,
Her wandering hopes achieved, her aureate combs
Caught by the honey-eater’s darting tongue,
Her burning guesses changed to ecstasied truths,
Her mighty pantings stilled in deathless calm
And liberated her immense desires.

The wanderings of life running and panting after desires finds its satiation here. All her high hopes and fantasies and wishes are transmuted into sweet and burning reality. Thus purged of its desires through satisfactions life reposes in a state of calm here.

Perfect heart and sense
In that paradise of perfect heart and sense
No lower note could break the endless charm
Of her sweetness ardent and immaculate;
Her steps are sure of their intuitive fall.

The emotions and senses are purified here of all the dull dross of earthly existence. Thus they regain their charm lost in the pain and struggle of life. Once again life discovers its sweetness and intuitive steps towards light and joy.

Calm and celestial rest
After the anguish of the soul’s long strife
At length were found calm and celestial rest
And, lapped in a magic flood of sorrowless hours,
Healed were his warrior nature’s wounded limbs
In the encircling arms of Energies
That brooked no stain and feared not their own bliss.

The warrior souls that have endured deep wounds in the course of their struggles during earthly life find there the much needed calm and celestial rest. They spend their time in a sorrowless state surrounded by healing energies that wash away all stain and gave him to drink a magic potion from the cup of bliss.

Forbidden scenes
In scenes forbidden to our pallid sense
Amid miraculous scents and wonder-hues
He met the forms that divinise the sight,
To music that can immortalise the mind
And make the heart wide as infinity
Listened, and captured the inaudible
Cadences that awake the occult ear:
Out of the ineffable hush it hears them come
Trembling with the beauty of a wordless speech,
And thoughts too great and deep to find a voice,
Thoughts whose desire new-makes the universe.

It was a world of charm where all the senses released from the hold of earth experienced joy through beautiful scenes and celestial music. The scents and hues and sight and sounds that wove the texture of this world filled it with beauty and wonder and the sense of divinity. Wonderful sights beheld his gaze, celestial sounds knocked at his heart’s gates and ethereal thoughts found their great and deep voice hoping to remake the universe.

Closing Remarks
Thus Aswapati moved amidst scenes of wonder and beauty and joy where warrior souls find rest and calm and heal their wounds and claim their just rewards.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.