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At the Feet of The Mother

A Magic Space, pp. 173-174

Opening remarks
The domain of higher vital worlds is a world mid-way. It dreams but has not the know-how to achieve and realise its dreams. There is, in this world, the charm of feeling and hoping and dreaming but not the joy of realising.

A charm that could not keep its spell
A charm drew near that could not keep its spell,
An eager Power that could not find its way,
A Chance that chose a strange arithmetic
But could not bind with it the forms it made,
A multitude that could not guard its sum
Which less than zero grew and more than one.

This world attracts the soul towards future dreams but it seeks to hastily realise without the required knowledge or the patience to build things that last. As a consequence it despairs swiftly even as it hopes violently. There is in this world a tendency to rise to great heights on wings of fantasy and imagination but also to sink low. It is an ever shifting world that is unable to hold what it draws to itself. Its forces come like waves upon the sea that now rise high and then fall flat and sink below.

Fleeting drift
Arriving at a large and shadowy sense
That cared not to define its fleeting drift,
Life laboured in a strange and mythic air
Denuded of her sweet magnificent suns.

It senses the greatness of life and strives to arrive at it but with impatience and haste. It labours in a world of dreams devoid of the true Power that can build eternal things.

Worlds imagined
In worlds imagined, never yet made true,
A lingering glimmer on creation’s verge,
One strayed and dreamed and never stopped to achieve:
To achieve would have destroyed that magic Space.

Its forces create fantasy worlds that never existed. Its glow is like some perpetual hope to create but it never really does so. It invests its energies in dreaming and the joy one gets by fantasy. But to achieve means labour and effort. It means to face reality and not be contented with imaginary achievements.

A twilight wonderland
The marvels of a twilight wonderland
Full of a beauty strangely, vainly made,
A surge of fanciful realities,
Dim tokens of a Splendour sealed above,
Awoke the passion of the eyes’ desire,
Compelled belief on the enamoured thought
And drew the heart but led it to no goal.

Desires and passions enter this world and shape thought and imagination. They fire our eyes with unrealisable splendours, unrealisable in the way we expect it to be. Yet it compels us to believe and vainly hope filling our subjective space with the beauty of unrealised dreams and fantasies.

Closing Remarks
This world is like a strange mediating stair between the harsh physical realities of today and the idealism that inspires us towards a better and higher future. But this stair is not build on real power nor has the true knowledge. It is caught and trapped in its own wonderland of dreams and fantasies.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.