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At the Feet of The Mother

A Master is Born, pp. 340-341

Opening remarks
Aswapati has arrived at the highest point of his individual sadhana. He is face to face with the Divine Mother. She gives him the mandate to stay upon earth and help humanity until earth and humanity is ready for the intended transformation.

Help still humanity
Adept of the self-born unfailing line,
Leave not the light to die the ages bore,
Help still humanity’s blind and suffering life:
Obey thy spirit’s wide omnipotent urge.

The Divine Mother asks Aswapati to be one among the adepts who are born not out of compulsion but self-choice as Jivanmuktas. They come to earth as beacons of Light to help the blind and ignorant human race in its forward advance. They embody the Light that grows upon earth and their wide heart carries the suffering of earth and humanity which they hope to relieve by the power of the Divine granted to them. Aswapati has become one such Master who has the mandate and the command to lead and help mankind in its journey out of ignorance towards knowledge and light.

Compassion leaning down from immortal heights
A witness to God’s parley with the Night,
It leaned compassionate from immortal calm
And housed desire, the troubled seed of things.

She reveals to Aswapati that he is indeed someone who has leaned down from his immortal status out of deep compassion to enter into the Night where desire, the cause of all trouble, reigns and prevails upon the human beings and their vexed lives.

Assent to thy high self
Assent to thy high self, create, endure.

He is then asked to give assent to his own high self and create divinity and endure the long passage. It is for this great purpose that his soul has descended upon earth to help earth and man through the long passage.

Let thy toil be vast
Cease not from knowledge, let thy toil be vast.

He is further asked not to cease from the vast God Knowledge that awaits mankind further in its advance.

Beyond earthly limits
No more can earthly limits pen thy force;
Equal thy work with long unending Time’s.

She assures Aswapati that henceforth he will always draw force and light from the limitless beyond. His works therefore will be even as Time’s motion that ceaselessly carries the forward march of mankind.

Traveller upon the bare eternal heights
Traveller upon the bare eternal heights,
Tread still the difficult and dateless path
Joining the cycles with its austere curve
Measured for man by the initiate Gods.

She addresses Aswapati as the traveller on the bare eternal heights where he has reached. Yet instead of annulling himself in the Eternal he is rather advised to tread the difficult and dateless path that strives to make life perfect with the Divine Perfection upon earth. This is the path carved for man by the gods who initiate all things in creation. It is the path that leads him towards these austere heights joining the dance of Time with the Timeless.

The great assurance
My light shall be in thee, my strength thy force.

The Divine Mother assures Aswapati that Her Light and Her Strength shall always be with him.

The word of caution
Let not the impatient Titan drive thy heart,
Ask not the imperfect fruit, the partial prize.

She also cautions him not to haste and try to take the kingdom of Heaven by storm as the Titans do. But rather to be patient and not be satisfied with the partial prize and the imperfect fruit.

Only one boon
Only one boon, to greaten thy spirit, demand;
Only one joy, to raise thy kind, desire.

Aswapati is advised to ask only one boon, to greaten his spirit, only one joy to multiply his kind of humanity by sharing the riches of Heavens that he would bring to earth and men.

The great revelation
Above blind fate and the antagonist powers
Moveless there stands a high unchanging Will;
To its omnipotence leave thy work’s result.

Aswapati is told that there indeed stands a high unchanging Will above the blind forces of fate and the antagonist powers. It is to Her that he should leave the results of work.

The great promise
All things shall change in God’s transfiguring hour.”

And finally the great promise given by the Divine Mother Herself that all things shall indeed change when the hour of God arrives upon earth.

Closing Remarks
This is a wonderful passage where we see the Divine Mother reveals what She has already chosen to grant Aswapati as the boon for his tremendous tapasya that has led him to Her eternal doors.

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