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At the Feet of The Mother

A Passage and Not the Last Step, pp. 286-287

Opening Remarks
This state which yogis may take for a final liberation is but a passage towards a yet greater Beyond.

Our mighty Mother
Deep peace was there, but not the nameless Force:
Our sweet and mighty Mother was not there
Who gathers to her bosom her children’s lives,
Her clasp that takes the world into her arms
In the fathomless rapture of the Infinite,
The Bliss that is creation’s splendid grain
Or the white passion of God-ecstasy
That laughs in the blaze of the boundless heart of Love.

This state is full of peace but what is missing is Force and Bliss. But the Divine Mother’s sweet and mighty Presence and Her vast all-embracing love were not felt there. It was a one-sided realisation, void of the sense of creation and the pure passion and ecstasy that built the worlds. The laughter of God and His boundless heart of Love could not be felt there.

A greater Spirit
A greater Spirit than the Self of Mind
Must answer to the questioning of his soul.

Something fundamental was felt as missing there. A greater Spirit than the Self of Mind must be found to satisfy the seeking of his soul.

A part experience
For here was no firm clue and no sure road;
High-climbing pathways ceased in the unknown;
An artist Sight constructed the Beyond
In contrary patterns and conflicting hues;
A part-experience fragmented the Whole.

When the Light of the greater Self falls upon the mind we experience some reflection of That. But the mind being a fragmented reality, the two aspects of the One, that is the static and the dynamic side get as if separated. Hence the road to the still greater Beyond cannot be traced here. It is only the Divine Mother’s Grace that can open the path further. Staying in this condition one can construct what lies Beyond but it does so in terms of an irreconcilable duality. It is a part experience and not the ultimate Truth which reconciles God and World, Self and Nature.

Formless vacancy
He looked above, but all was blank and still:
A sapphire firmament of abstract Thought
Escaped into a formless Vacancy.

Thought ended up in an abstraction or a blank escaping into a formless Vacancy.

A vain and ignorant seeking
He looked below, but all was dark and mute.
A noise was heard, between, of thought and prayer,
A strife, a labour without end or pause;
A vain and ignorant seeking raised its voice.

The Beyond was a vacant hush. Below was a dark and mute field interspersed with the noise of thought and prayers. The fields of nature below seemed a field of strife and labour without any pause and a vain seeking trying to probe the Nothingness beyond.

Closing Remarks
It is a state where thought begins to fall into blankness or end up in an abstraction. The sense and purpose of creation are missed out. The Force that built the worlds and the ecstasy of creation is not found there.

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