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At the Feet of The Mother

A Question of Consciousness (on vaccination and medications)

There have been certain queries regarding my views on the vaccine programs. It is important to clarify that there is no one course of action that can be considered universally applicable. When only one line of action is suggested, either in Science or in Religion we are turning it into a dogma. Some may say that the scientific view is based on evidence and hence different from religion which is based on belief. Let us be clear here that evidence often takes into consideration only a linear cause-effect relationship between what is administered and what is the result observed. Leaving aside for the moment the many fallacies of our observation itself and countless other factors including inherent biases in the studies, what is important is to remember that the cause-effect relationship is far more complex than it seems. At any given point there are a number of forces acting upon an individual and very often what happens is the resultant of these multiple forces. Not all of these forces can be observed since they belong to the psychological and occult domain of our being. As for the spiritual forces, it is even more difficult to observe their action since it needs an instrumental consciousness that is tuned to the workings of spiritual forces.

But if one were to simplify things, one would say that everything depends upon the state of consciousness that one is in. When we have lived the life generally in an ordinary state of consciousness embedded deeply in the physical and  have depended upon physical means for health and healing then it is best to follow those methods which are advocated by the sciences based on a detailed study of the physical body in states of health and illnesses as the allopathic sciences have done. However if one has taken care and lived according to certain laws pertaining to a natural way of health and healing then one’s body may be more attuned to these gentler and subtler methods. And if one has lived a life full of faith and surrendered to the Grace caring little for the life or death of the little personality and the body that was used as an instrument by the soul and the Divine for His Work, then one may even dispense with everything and depend solely on the Divine. This attitude however is not easy to acquire and needs years, perhaps decades and possibly lives. In fact if one is in such a state then possibly even the question would not occur. Questions belong to the mental domain and that too mostly to the physical mind of man that wants some certitude to hold on to. But a person full of faith and surrender lives in the psychic part and hence is automatically immune from doubts and full of spontaneous trust and confidence in the Grace.

Therefore any generalization is not in tune either with Science or with Spirituality. Generalisations in Science give rise to scientific dogmas preventing new discoveries whereas generalisations in spirituality give rise to religious dogmas and prevent the free expansion of the soul that ever needs wider and wider space for its evolution and self-expression.

Let us close with a luminous passage from the Mother’s conversation describing the impact of our state of consciousness on the method we use, in a comprehensive manner.

It is precisely about this progressive transformation that I am going to speak to you this evening…. I have often been asked this question, “Why, after having posited as an ideal principle that when we deal with our body we ought to do it with the knowledge that it is only a result and an instrument of the supreme Reality of the universe and of the truth of our being,—why, after having taught this and shown that this is the truth to be realised, do we have in the organisation of our Ashram, doctors, dispensaries, a physical education of the body based on modern theories accepted everywhere?” And why, when some of you go for a picnic do I forbid you to drink water from just anywhere and tell you to take filtered water with you? Why do I have the fruit you eat disinfected, etc.?

All this seems contradictory, but this evening I intend to explain something to you which, I hope, will put an end to this feeling of a contradiction in you. In fact, I have told you many a time that when two ideas or principles apparently seem to contradict one another, you must rise a little higher in your thought and find the point where the contradictions meet in a comprehensive synthesis.

Here, it is very easy if we know one thing, that the method we use to deal with our body, maintain it, keep it fit, improve it and keep it in good health, depends exclusively on the state of consciousness we are in; for our body is an instrument of our consciousness and this consciousness can act directly on it and obtain what it wants from it.

So, if you are in an ordinary physical consciousness, if you see things with the eyes of the ordinary physical consciousness, if you think of them with the ordinary physical consciousness, it will be ordinary physical means you will have to use to act on your body. These ordinary physical means make up the whole science which has accumulated through thousands of years of human existence. This science is very complex, its processes innumerable, complicated, uncertain, often contradictory, always progressive and almost absolutely relative! Still, very precise results have been achieved; ever since physical culture has become a serious preoccupation, a certain number of experiments, studies, observations have accumulated, which enable us to regulate diet, activities, exercise, the whole outer organisation of life, and provide an adequate basis so that those who make the effort to study and conform strictly to these things have a chance to maintain their body in good health, correct the defects it may have and improve its general condition, and even achieve results which are sometimes quite remarkable.

I may add, moreover, that this intellectual human science, such as it is at present, in its very sincere effort to find the truth, is, surprisingly enough, drawing closer and closer to the essential truth of the Spirit. It is not impossible to foresee the movement where the two will unite in a very deep and very close understanding of the essential truth.

So, for all those who live on the physical plane, in the physical consciousness, it is physical means and processes which have to be used in dealing with the body. And as the vast majority of human beings, even in the Ashram, live in a consciousness which, if not exclusively physical, is at least predominantly physical, it is quite natural for them to follow and obey all the principles laid down by physical science for the care of the body.

Now, according to what Sri Aurobindo teaches us, this is not a final realisation, nor is it the ideal to which we want to rise. There is a higher state than this, in which the consciousness, though it still remains principally mental or partially mental in its functioning, is already open to higher regions in an aspiration for the spiritual life, and open to the supramental influence.

As soon as this opening occurs, one passes beyond the state in which life is purely physical—when I say “physical” I include the whole mental and intellectual life and all human achievements, even the most remarkable; I am speaking of a physical which is the summit of human capacities, of an earthly and material life in which man can express values of a higher order from the mental and intellectual point of view—one can go beyond that state, open oneself to the supramental force which is now acting on earth and enter a transitional zone where the two influences meet and interpenetrate, where the consciousness is still mental and intellectual in its functioning, but sufficiently imbued with the supramental strength and force to become the instrument of a higher truth.

At present this state can be realised on earth by those who have prepared themselves to receive the supramental force which is manifesting. And in that state, in that state of consciousness, the body can benefit from a much better condition than the one it was in before. It can be put into direct contact with the essential truth of its being, to the extent that, spontaneously, at every moment it knows instinctively, or intuitively, what is to be done and that it can do it.

As I say, this state can now be realised by all those who take the trouble of preparing themselves to receive the supramental force, to assimilate it and obey it.

Of course, there is a higher state than this, the state Sri Aurobindo speaks of as the ideal to be fulfilled: the divine life in a divine body. But he himself tells us that this will take time; it is an integral transformation which cannot be achieved in a moment. It will even take quite a long time. But when it is accomplished, when the consciousness has become a supramental consciousness, then action will no longer be determined at every moment by a mental choice or be dependent on the physical capacity: the entire body will spontaneously, integrally, be the perfect expression of the inner truth.

This is the ideal we must keep before us, for the realisation of which we must strive; but we must not delude ourselves and think that it can be a rapid transformation, miraculous, immediate, marvellous, without effort and without labour.

However, it is no longer only a possibility, it is no longer even only a promise for a far-off future: it is something which is in the making. And already one can not only foresee but feel the moment when the body will be able to repeat integrally the experience of the most spiritual part of the being, as the inner spirit has already done, and will itself be able to stand in its bodily consciousness before the supreme Reality, turn to it integrally and say in all sincerity, in a total self-giving of all its cells: “To be Thyself—exclusively, perfectly—Thyself, infinitely, eternally… very simply.”

CWM 9: 109 – 112

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