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At the Feet of The Mother

A Restless Search, pp. 197-198

Opening Remarks
Moving within circles, staying in this world, one becomes increasingly restless with ceaseless action without any lasting or real consequence.

Busy murmur
A beat of action and a cry of search
For ever grew in that unquiet world;
A busy murmur filled the heart of Time.

There was in this unquiet world a constant search and action, a busy murmur of life, without any real issue or a conclusive end.

Unceasing stir
All was contrivance and unceasing stir.

It was as if all was moving ceaselessly and mechanically without any deeper purpose.

A hundred ways
A hundred ways to live were tried in vain:
A sameness that assumed a thousand forms
Strove to escape from its long monotone
And made new things that soon were like the old.

There was in this world a push towards the new giving it a creative impetus. But the new turned out to be yet another variation of the old. Only the outer form changed, exchanging one illusion with another, but the inner consciousness remained unchanged. Hence all fell back to the same old state as if repeating forever the same act with variations.

Cheat the mind with idea of change
A curious decoration lured the eye
And novel values furbished ancient themes
To cheat the mind with the idea of change.

The basic theme and the plot of this life remained the same. Only the surfaces remained varying with different settings and colours. But the seeming change soon collapsed since the basis had remained the same.

A different picture still the same
A different picture that was still the same
Appeared upon the cosmic vague background.

This realm has a thousand ways to cheat and deceive man. Such is its creative power of illusion.

Bound souls
Only another labyrinthine house
Of creatures and their doings and events,
A city of the traffic of bound souls,
A market of creation and her wares,
Was offered to the labouring mind and heart.

Like fast changing fashion this world was like a crowded market place filled with an air of activity and objects and gadgets to please. The labouring mind and heart entered there only to find a labyrinthine endless passage.

A circuit ending where it began
A circuit ending where it first began
Is dubbed the forward and eternal march
Of progress on perfection’s unknown road.

After a long circuitous round its energies would return to the same point. Yet this circling round on the same plane and in the same groove was considered as a forward march towards progress and perfection.

Sequel plan
Each final scheme leads to a sequel plan.

There never was finality in this world. Always something was left unfulfilled, dissatisfied. It was like a dream that never ended and kept showing up recurrently as a sequel.

Closing Remarks
Thus Aswapati moved in this magic space without an issue or end.

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