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At the Feet of The Mother

A Secret Kinship, pp. 261-262

Opening Remarks
In our secret self we too belong to this world that exists on the heights of luminous mentality. Our strivings are an effort to reach out to the realms from where we descended.

Far and remote
Far are those realms from our labour and yearning and call,
Perfection’s reign and hallowed sanctuary
Closed to the uncertain thoughts of human mind,
Remote from the turbid tread of mortal life.

These realms are far from our reach right now. The struggle of our human thought, our yearning and call fro perfection is not easy to reach those hallowed heights where perfection reigns and the cloaks of mortality drops off.

Next of kin
But since our secret selves are next of kin,
A breath of unattained divinity
Visits the imperfect earth on which we toil;
Across a gleaming ether’s golden laugh
A light falls on our vexed unsatisfied lives,
A thought comes down from the ideal worlds
And moves us to new-model even here
Some image of their greatness and appeal
And wonder beyond the ken of mortal hope.

Yet are we secret kin of these realms hence our human mind has visitations of light and divinity from there. Its light falls upon our lives crossing the golden laugh of etheric sea. A thought from beyond approaches us and shines as an ideal to be attained here in earthly life. We are thereby moved towards great and wonderful things ordinarily beyond the ken of our mortal hopes.

Amour with eternity
Amid the heavy sameness of the days
And contradicted by the human law,
A faith in things that are not and must be
Lives comrade of this world’s delight and pain,
The child of the secret soul’s forbidden desire
Born of its amour with eternity.

Our amour with eternity awakens in us a faith in things that are not and yet must be. This faith and aspiration live as comrade to this world of delight and pain even though contradicted by the heavy unchanging days and the ordinary law of human life. We secretly aspire to cross these dangerous spaces and strive for the unreachable heights whose little ray of splendour falls upon our lives.

Our spirits break free
Our spirits break free from their environment;
The future brings its face of miracle near,
Its godhead looks at us with present eyes;
Acts deemed impossible grow natural;
We feel the hero’s immortality;
The courage and the strength death cannot touch
Awake in limbs that are mortal, hearts that fail;
We move by the rapid impulse of a will
That scorns the tardy trudge of mortal time.

Our souls break free from its bondages to ignorance and error and the future begins to reveal its miraculous face. The godhead’s gaze moves us to attempt the impossible as if it were natural. We feel the hero’s sense of immortality and a courage and strength wakes in us that dares death. A will awakens that scorns the slow pace of time and moves swiftly towards great unknown goals.

Citizens of that mother State
These promptings come not from an alien sphere:
Ourselves are citizens of that mother State,
Adventurers, we have colonised Matter’s night.

In reality man has descended from a high and luminous state. That is our true domicile, the domain to which we truly belong. It is from there that we came to colonise the night and dark state in which this material creation is plunged.

Closing Remarks
We must remember our true parentage from high and luminous realms so that we may rightly strive to know and align our will with these domains. It is in fact our future hope and our inevitable destiny. Since we have come from there and belong to these heights we are destined to reach there and regain our lost light and strength.

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