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At the Feet of The Mother

A Talk of the Mother on April 17, 1969


A Report Based on Notes Taken at the Time

I know very well the troubles and difficulties India is facing. I am constantly giving my help and blessings to her leader.

As for the danger of Communism, Communism is a truth that has been distorted. When the truth comes out, the distortion will fall off. The truth is that all one’s efforts and all one’s work should be turned to the Divine. But in place of the Divine the State has been put.

Only one country in the world knows that there is only one Truth to which everything should be turned, and that country is India. Other countries have forgotten this, but in India it is ingrained in the people, and one day it will come out.

We must all recognise this and work for this. India is the cradle of the Truth and will lead the world to it. But she has to realise her role, and then she will find her real place in the world.

One should decide to become an obedient, faithful and devoted servant of the Truth and the Truth alone. Then nothing can obstruct one. All outward difficulties, and even persons trying to upset one’s position, will be unable to have any effect. Although they may seem to succeed, nothing can prevail if one is firm in faith and devoted to serving the Truth.

To be a real servitor of the Truth, one must forget all personal desires and preferences and have only the thought to serve the Truth.

I hope the men hearing me will not be offended, but it is only women who know how to use the Power that comes from serving the Truth.

The laws of man cannot stand before the laws of the Divine and ultimately it is the laws of the Divine that will prevail.

The new Consciousness that descended on the 1st of January is very active, and we have come to an extremely critical time in the history of the world. It is most interesting to watch how things are happening. This new Consciousness is preparing for the Superman and so there are big changes occurring all around. When the first man developed, the animal had no mind and could not appreciate the evolution. Man has mind and can appreciate it. That is why the present is the most interesting period in history. If one can stand in the new Consciousness and watch all events from above, one can see how small and futile they are and then one can act upon them with a great power.

I am aware of the condition of the country. If even one person can put himself faithfully at the disposal of the Truth, he can change the country and the world.

Auroville is the only hope for preventing a third world war. Tensions are growing and the situation is becoming very critical. But the idea of Auroville, if it can be more widespread, can prevent world war.

The children who are born at this time are fortunate.

Notes by D. & N. S.

Mother India, April 24, 1974.

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