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At the Feet of The Mother

A Thing Seen (SAP 044)

Today we take up the following poem of Sri Aurobindo, written in Baroda around 1900:


She in her garden, near the high grey wall,
Sleeping; a silver-bodied birch-tree tall
That held its garments o’er her wide and green,
Building a parapet of shade between,
Forbade the amorous sun to look on her.
No fold of gracious raiment was astir.
The wind walked softly; silent moved a cloud
Listening; of all the tree no leaf was loud
But guarded a divine expectant hush
Thrilled by the silence of a hidden thrush.

[Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, p. 187]

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.