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At the Feet of The Mother

A Window Glimpse of Truth, pp.192-193

Opening Remarks
The domain of Greater Life whose centre lies in our heart, allows a window glimpse of Truth. It lets us see Reality through a veil.

Something was seen
Something was seen at last that looked like truth.

A first hint or semblance of truth is seen here as the soul climbs beyond the little life of man centered around animal appetites.

Half-blind chained divinity
In a half-lit air of hazardous mystery
The eye that looks at the dark half of truth
Made out an image mid a vivid blur
And peering through a mist of subtle tints
He saw a half-blind chained divinity
Bewildered by the world in which he moved,
Yet conscious of some light prompting his soul.

An image appears in the heart’s blind screen or sketched out by imagination’s eye that is like a hint of the sublime Reality concealed within our own and the world’s deepest depths. But this divinity is chained to the forms given to it by our imaginative mind. It is half blind so to say since the awareness that dawns with the advent of Mind and the light that we discover in still higher realms is not yet there. Yet there is in it a mystic light that shows something of the Truth.

Fluting of a distant player
Attracted to strange far-off shimmerings,
Led by the fluting of a distant Player
He sought his way amid life’s laughter and call
And the index chaos of her myriad steps
Towards some total deep infinitude.

Here one can hear, faintly and as if from a distance the call of the Divine attracting the soul towards depths beyond depths opening towards Infinity.

Arrow-leaps of Thought
Around crowded the forest of her signs:
At hazard he read by arrow-leaps of Thought
That hit the mark by guess or luminous chance,
Her changing coloured road-lights of idea
And her signals of uncertain swift event,
The hieroglyphs of her symbol pageantries
And her landmarks in the tangled paths of Time.

Here one can find an intuition, the heart’s intuition reaching out to the Truth as an arrow towards its chosen target. This world looks out at life and its events and circumstances as a symbol revealing the landmarks and the roads that lead us through the tangled paths of Time.

Closing Remarks
A first hint of divinity and the distant call of the Divine is felt here as one enters this plane.

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