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At the Feet of The Mother

A Wonder Realm, pp.182-183

Opening Remarks
It is a world of wonder with enigmatic powers that work miraculously and magically. A touch of the marvellous is felt in this world.

A mystery has reigned
Even in our world a mystery has reigned
Earth’s cunning screen of trivial plainness hides;
Her larger levels are of sorceries made.

This world even as it is now is a mystery and a wonder. The secret of this wonder is hidden behind its plain surfaces. Beyond lie realms of an almost magical powers.

The enigma shows its splendid prism
There the enigma shows its splendid prism,
There is no deep disguise of commonness;
Occult, profound comes all experience,
Marvel is ever new, miracle divine.

In these higher levels of our being and the world existence we can discover the magical prism through which the One works openly and not in disguise as we find here. There each moment is a marvel and the divine touch makes all existence a perpetual miracle.

A mysterious touch
There is a screened burden, a mysterious touch,
There is a secrecy of hidden sense.

Our earth is a screen burdened with mysterious powers. Our ordinary senses cannot perceive them unless we awaken the workings of now hidden senses secret within us.

Into herself she flees
Although no earthen mask weighs on her face,
Into herself she flees from her own sight.

Life carries these powers within her deep bosom. They emerge from there and disappear into it. The surfaces of life know it not and see it not as if she was hiding her own true face from herself.

Womb of sovereign consequence
All forms are tokens of some veiled idea
Whose covert purpose lurks from mind’s pursuit,
Yet is a womb of sovereign consequence.

The forms that we meet are symbols of deep significance whose real significance is hidden behind. Each represents an idea, now veiled to our eye, yet it is the birthplace of things that are of profound consequence.

Living power
There every thought and feeling is an act,
And every act a symbol and a sign,
And every symbol hides a living power.

What we experience as unsubstantial thought here is a living entity in that realm endowed with powers that work unhampered by the material casement here. So too each feeling and action emerges from a depth and holds a deep symbolic purpose and hides within its outer form a living power that animates it.

A figure and copy of the Truth
A universe she builds from truths and myths,
But what she needed most she cannot build;
All shown is a figure or copy of the Truth,
But the Real veils from her its mystic face.

This realm of greater life draws its plans and ideas and impulsions from truths hidden in her deepest depths. Yet the face of this Truth is hidden to her eyes. All she can do is to divine this Reality and try to copy it here.

Missed the Infinite
All else she finds, there lacks eternity;
All is sought out, but missed the Infinite.

That is to say this high realm still belongs to the lower hemisphere and hence all its formations, however high and beautiful and burdened with a divine significance are still a limited creation and cannot last.

Closing Remarks
This higher vital world is stirred by profound energies and forces sublime that draw their impulsion from some deep source. Yet it is a reflected Truth, not the One original Reality and Power.

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