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At the Feet of The Mother

Aswapati’s Pleadings to the Divine Mother, p. 341

Opening remarks
Aswapati starts his pleadings with the Divine Mother praying for the boon he has come to ask. He starts with a preamble.

Mighty voice
August and sweet sank hushed that mighty Voice.

The voice of the Divine Mother is described so beautifully as august and mighty.

Eternal’s peace
Nothing now moved in the vast brooding space:
A stillness came upon the listening world,
A mute immensity of the Eternal’s peace.

The Voice had stopped but there was an immense silence filled with peace, the Eternal’s peace that occupied the vast brooding space. The world was drowned in an attentive deep stillness as if all nature turned towards Her in that moment of stillness.

The cry of Aswapati
But Aswapati’s heart replied to her,
A cry amid the silence of the Vasts:
“How shall I rest content with mortal days
And the dull measure of terrestrial things,
I who have seen behind the cosmic mask
The glory and the beauty of thy face?

Aswapati’s heart cried to Her amid the silence of the Vasts. He shares his anguish, his dilemma of living in the world after having seen Her Glory and Beauty behind the cosmic mask amidst dull terrestrial things.

Hard is the doom
Hard is the doom to which thou bindst thy sons!

He shares with Her the anguish of the earth where Her children are harrowed under the wheels of doom.

Battle with the Night
How long shall our spirits battle with the Night
And bear defeat and the brute yoke of Death,
We who are vessels of a deathless Force
And builders of the godhead of the race?

He continues his pleadings as to how long will the human soul continue battling with the Night and bear defeat and the brute yoke of Death. All this despite man’s destiny being to become the vessel of Her deathless Force and be even as the gods spearheading the future of the human race.

Distant gleam
Or if it is thy work I do below
Amid the error and waste of human life
In the vague light of man’s half-conscious mind,
Why breaks not in some distant gleam of thee?

He seeks Her Light to do Her Work amid the error and waste of human life. He seeks for some gleam of Her from afar to illumine the half-conscious vaguely lit mind of man.

Centuries and millenniums pass
Ever the centuries and millenniums pass.

Centuries and millenniums pass waiting for Her coming.

Thy coming’s ray
Where in the greyness is thy coming’s ray?

Struggling in the grey zones of ignorance humanity waits for Her Advent.

Victory’s wings
Where is the thunder of thy victory’s wings?

It waits for Her final victory to be established upon earth.

Passing gods
Only we hear the feet of passing gods.

What we however hear are only the sound of god’s feet that tread earth for a while and return to their stations high. There is a momentary uplifting but not yet the final victory.

Closing Remarks
Aswapati has begun to build a case for Her coming to earth as the incarnate Divine.

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