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At the Feet of The Mother

About Savitri | B1C1-09 Advent of the Divine Mother (p.4)


Almost that day the epiphany was disclosed
Of which our thoughts and hopes are signal flares;
A lonely splendour from the invisible goal
Almost was flung on the opaque Inane.
Once more a tread perturbed the vacant Vasts;
Infinity’s centre, a Face of rapturous calm
Parted the eternal lids that open heaven;
A Form from far beatitudes seemed to near.
Ambassadress twixt eternity and change,
The omniscient Goddess leaned across the breadths
That wrap the fated journeyings of the stars
And saw the spaces ready for her feet.

It is the coming down of the Mother.

A lonely splendour from the invisible goal
Almost was flung on the opaque Inane.

It is Savitri coming down.
There is nothing to say. Nothing comes. It is all complete as it is. There is nothing to explain and nothing to add.

Once she half looked behind for her veiled sun,
Then, thoughtful, went to her immortal work.
Earth felt the Imperishable’s passage close:
The waking ear of Nature heard her steps
And wideness turned to her its limitless eye,
And, scattered on sealed depths, her luminous smile
Kindled to fire the silence of the worlds.
All grew a consecration and a rite.
Air was a vibrant link between earth and heaven;
The wide-winged hymn of a great priestly wind
Arose and failed upon the altar hills;
The high boughs prayed in a revealing sky.

It is to express how Nature was conscient of Her descent — because this descent was changing the attitude and nature of things. I heard like that and saw at the same time. She came down to kindle the fire of aspiration. And I saw that the flame coming up like that and she was there and gathering all the aspiration from everything to kindle the fire of aspiration. It was like, like big wide dress at you, like that and her arms when she was gathered in like that and it was something. The fire that goes straight up like a straight flame. See one thing after another. See it’s a pity that I can’t pass you the image, oh I can’t can’t!
From that, it means that Nature was conscious of her arrival. And that all what is considered as inanimate Nature — that is, all the wind, the water and the trees and the flowers — everything received Her joyously.
It is only man who didn’t know.
The description is so perfect, there is nothing to say. But I will read.

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