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At the Feet of The Mother

Action of World Forces


You wrote, “I mean by the universe the forces of the world around.” What then is that cosmos which includes not only the forces of this world but also those of the inner and larger worlds, like the universal mind, vital and physical?

The forces of the world around are mental, vital and physical and come from these sources either direct or through persons.

I was told that J was not able to come near ladies because he felt strong sex-vibrations. Did he feel like that due to his opening to the universe?

I mean by the universe, the forces of the world around. If J felt like that, it must have been because he had become conscious. Most people are unconscious; they are subject to the forces but do not know it.

Just as the opening to these universal forces has come naturally and by itself, I hope that the control over them will also come by itself in time.

To be conscious is the first step towards overcoming — but for the overcoming strength is necessary and also detachment and the will to overcome.

How is it that many sadhaks are not conscious of these forces in spite of their being here for so many years?

There are many who have been here for a long time who are not conscious of the action of the forces. Reasoning and inferences are worth nothing in these matters.

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