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At the Feet of The Mother

Always Feeling the Mother’s Presence

The principle behind the practice is that the Divine Presence is there in the heart of every creature. It is hidden behind the veil of ignorance of earth nature. This veil consists of attachments, egoistic preferences, the cry of desires and all its ramifications. In the head it is veiled by doubts and the over activity of the mind. When we quieten the mind and cultivate bhakti and love and surrender then the veil gets thinned and the Divine Presence begins to shine out. It is a long process and needs time and patience and great sincerity and perseverance.

The practice requires regular interiorisation by concentrating in the heart centre on the Mother’s Presence (Her form and name), 20 to 30 minutes two or three times daily. A fixed time and place is always better. To do japa of Her Name inwardly within the heart while working, to consecrate whatever one does to Her, doing it with the attitude of serving Her rather than with the idea of satisfying the ego, cultivating peace and equanimity in the face of events and circumstances, developing humility and sincerity, having the Divine discovery and service to the Divine as one’s aim are all ways and means to grow conscious of the Mother’s Presence. However, to keep the Presence always requires a great degree of sincerity. It happens as we learn to live and act more and more only under the impulsion of the Divine Will. That is where the biggest challenge comes for it means a detailed surrender and an entire self-giving to Her which is not easy for the human consciousness so habituated to move under the impulsion of ego and desire.

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