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At the Feet of The Mother

An April 24th Offering

‘But thou hast come and all will surely change:
I shall feel the World-Mother in thy golden limbs
And hear her wisdom in thy sacred voice.
The child of the Void shall be reborn in God,
My Matter shall evade the Inconscient’s trance.
My body like my spirit shall be free.
It shall escape from Death and Ignorance.”

These lines from Savitri capture beautifully the essence of the 24th April, the anniversary of the Mother’s final arrival to Pondicherry. They reveal the spontaneous surge in Satyavan’s heart when Savitri comes to him. They also well reflect the feelings, of hope, of surrender, of the certitude of Truth’s final victory that souls touched by Her Love experience. The world will never be the same thereafter. Before coming together they were already moving, each in their own way, towards the same goal of terrestrial transformation. Their coming together in a unique and unprecedented complementarity was the certitude of victory over all that opposes the Divine manifestation.

Sri Aurobindo opened the path to the Supermind through the highways of the Mind while the Mother opened the hidden doors in the heart paving the way for man through the inmost soul. Both had arrived to the same destination each through the roads they had taken, the experiences and realisations they had gathered on the way. Their coming together opened a wide path for man that would eventually transform our earthly life into the Life Divine. Sri Aurobindo works through the mind, upon the mind opening it towards higher and higher ranges of the Spirit. The Mother works through the heart drawing us deeper and deeper towards the secret soul, the psychic being and the Divine Presence in the heart of man. Thus, they effect in us a psycho-spiritual transformation thereby opening the way towards the supramental change. Thence, with the touch of the Supermind we realize their fundamental oneness:

When in your heart and thought you will make no difference between Sri Aurobindo and me, when to think of Sri Aurobindo will be to think of me and to think of me will mean to think of Sri Aurobindo inevitably, when to see one will mean inevitably to see the other, like one and the same Person,—then you will know that you begin to be open to the supramental force and consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo is the Mother holding back her power and bliss while putting forth her Peace and compassion for the seeker of the supramental way. The Mother is Sri Aurobindo holding back the tranquil peace of his eternity and putting forth his love and ananda as we move along the zig zag curves of the evolutionary journey. Sri Aurobindo calls us from breathtaking heights inspiring us to move ever higher and higher through the force of tapasya, a one-pointed will and aspiration remembering the great promise of the Lord of all creatures, the Master of Works and Creation, “Abandon all dharmas and take refuge in Me alone; I will deliver thee from all sin and evil; do not grieve.” The Mother pulls us to the depths stripping us gently bare of all that resists and holds us back, removing the coats and coverings of falsehood and ignorance until we are naked and ready to bathe in the transforming streams of Her eternal Love. Then the heart lifts up a prayer and falling at Her Feet exclaims once again as Satyavan:

Descend, O happiness, with thy moon-gold feet
Enrich earth’s floors upon whose sleep we lie.
O my bright beauty’s princess Savitri,
By my delight and thy own joy compelled
Enter my life, thy chamber and thy shrine.

and the soul chants a Hymn of gratitude and joy ‘mothersriaurobindo is my refuge‘.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.