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At the Feet of The Mother

An Inner Door to Happiness

Ordinarily we need either to do something or meet someone to feel happiness. In other words our happiness is most often object dependent. But if we look carefully these events or activities are actually triggers that open some inner door to happiness within us. If it was the object itself then everyone would be happy with the same things and in the same way or through the same event. But that is not the case. The triggers often differ. Also much depends upon the value we give to the object. This value itself depends a lot upon the objective we have in life.

Now if we take just one step further we shall see that this valuation and objectives are often merely conditioning received from society and others. In other words a lot of happiness and its association with some outer activity or event is merely a habit or conditioning. It is like some are happy reading a book, others doing exercises whereas still others eating food.  There are again many variations in the type of book or food or exercises that will open the door to happiness. This is one type of happiness which though seems like object dependent yet has its real reasons within, in our unique conditioning and habit and values.

However we all experience another kind of happiness as well, though perhaps not too often (or more likely we just fail to notice it). These are simply moments when a breath of freshness passes over our life and we feel peace and joy for no apparent reason. Here we may say that the inner door to happiness opens spontaneously as an act of Grace and for no known reason. Experience suggests that when this happens we can experience happiness even when the circumstances are most contrary to it.

Mystics have found the ways and means to open this inner door or even to keep it open all the time. If one can do it then one perfects the art of being happy all the time even if one is apparently doing nothing. However this doing nothing simply means doing nothing tangible and visible. Yet there is an inner action going on. It is in the shifting the needle of consciousness and applying the key to open this inner door. This too is an action. Later of course when the door is permanently open then the action may shift to other fields and one has to do nothing for feeling happy. This does not mean that one does not play or eat or do exercises or enjoys the food one takes. One does all this but no more to get happiness. They may be done to diversify or multiply the inner joy or for other reasons but not for finding joy. The possibility of opening this inner door is within everybody’s reach. The key is also given to all of us. We just have to learn to apply it and persist until the door opens. Then all depression is chased away and there is peace and joy evermore and many other things besides.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.