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At the Feet of The Mother

An Inner Recognition, pp. 396-397

Opening Remarks
Souls destined to be together, recognise each other in some ways that the surface mind is not aware.

A visage, noble and great and calm
A visage was there, noble and great and calm,
As if encircled by a halo of thought,
A span, an arch of meditating light,
As though some secret nimbus half was seen;
Her inner vision still remembering knew
A forehead that wore the crown of all her past,
Two eyes her constant and eternal stars,
Comrade and sovereign eyes that claimed her soul,
Lids known through many lives, large frames of love.

Savitri looks upon Satyavan’s face and finds in it the sign of nobility, greatness and calm, surrounded by luminous thoughts and a meditating forehead. Her inner vision felt as if she remembered the forehead wearing the crown of her king through the past lives. His sovereign eyes were like her comrade stars that claimed her soul. His lids seemed to have opened to her with love through many lives.

He met in her regard his future
He met in her regard his future’s gaze,
A promise and a presence and a fire,
Saw an embodiment of aeonic dreams,
A mystery of the rapture for which all
Yearns in this world of brief mortality
Made in material shape his very own.

Satyavan saw in her gaze his future shining as a promise and a presence and a fire embodying dreams of the ages. He felt in her the mystery of the rapture for which the world yearns in its brief mortal life span which was now his very own.

Key of all his aims
This golden figure given to his grasp
Hid in its breast the key of all his aims,
A spell to bring the Immortal’s bliss on earth,
To mate with heaven’s truth our mortal thought,
To lift earth-hearts nearer the Eternal’s sun.

Her golden figure seemed to hide in her bosom the key to all his aims. It came as a spell to bring the immortal bliss on earth so that our mortal thoughts could mate with heaven’s truth and the hearts of men be lifted near the Eternal’s Light.

New undying base
In these great spirits now incarnate here
Love brought down power out of eternity
To make of life his new undying base.

Love brought the power of eternity in these two incarnate spirits so that it may take roots upon earthly soil as was never ready before.

Wave from fathomless deeps
His passion surged a wave from fathomless deeps;
It leaped to earth from far forgotten heights,
But kept its nature of infinity.

The passion of love surged like a wave from fathomless deeps as if leaping upon earth from some great height. Yet this power kept in them its nature of infinity poured into a limited finite shape.

Closing Remarks
Love has begun its magic in the heart of Savitri and Satyavan.

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