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At the Feet of The Mother

An Invincible Armour

What really is fear? If we look at it closely without being terrified with its masks we shall see that it is the name we give to the sense of uncertainty. Man is born with it. No other creature is haunted so much with the sense of uncertainty as we do. No other creature bears the burden of the future as we do. No other creature lives as if in a perpetual fear as we do. To counter fear we build safe places where we believe we shall not be pursued by its angels death and diseases, calamities and disasters. We build comfort zones and shut ourselves in layers of protective shield so that we may be safe within its boundaries. Yet death finds its door. It needs just a small little corner that we left unplugged, a little hole, size of infinitesimal particle is enough for it to sneak in. How are we going to plug all these holes and gaps in our armour that are too small even to be noticed?

Yet there is a way to be perfectly secure and walk with safety wearing an invincible armour around us. That armour is faith. That shield which none can pierce is a child-like trust in the Divine Grace. That almighty Power that keeps a vigil over us day and night is Divine Love. That Strength which can give us not only the courage to fight and drive away the fear of uncertainty but secure for us a glad and luminous future is the Divine Presence that we always carry within though know it not. Even in our ignorance this wonderful Presence shields us but instead of opening to the Divine Help we open instead to fear and its hordes. We invite death and its agents even in our safe zones by sending out signals of fear. We call diseases even though outwardly we do not want them simply by believing in their reality. We empower illnesses by lending our power of trust in their capacity to destroy us. If only we lend this trust in the Divine, though invisible He may be, if only we thought about the Grace that leans to save and is ever ready to help and heal and succour, then nothing would touch us or even if it does it would leave us soon as an unwanted guest, hopefully never to return again.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.