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At the Feet of The Mother

Answer From the Gods, p. 372

Opening Remarks
Aswapati has heard the voice revealing to him the possibility and the anguish of the earth. Someone has to undertake the burden of resolving this paradox and release the highest destiny bequeathed to earth.

The Voice withdrew
The Voice withdrew into its hidden skies.
The ethereal Voice withdrew leaving Aswapati reflective.
Savitri approaches the father and king
But like a shining answer from the gods
Approached through sun-bright spaces Savitri.

Just then, as if in answer to the Voice, Savitri approached his father, the king and yogi Aswapati. She came as a response from the gods that there still are few gods upon earth or rather more than the gods, the Mother of the Gods. She had returned after venturing out into the sun-bright spaces within and without.

A bright torch of incense and flame
Advancing amid tall heaven-pillaring trees,
Apparelled in her flickering-coloured robe
She seemed, burning towards the eternal realms,
A bright moved torch of incense and of flame
That from the sky-roofed temple-soil of earth
A pilgrim hand lifts in an invisible shrine.

She seemed burning with pure aspiration whose perfume was ascending towards the very Highest. Her whole being stood out against the tall trees as if indicative of her inner stature. Wearing a luminous coloured robe as a symbol of her transparent many-hued nature, she was as if a burning flame of incense pure in the temple of earth and a pilgrim hand lifting the veil of the Deity hidden within her.

Aureate fire
There came the gift of a revealing hour:
He saw through depths that reinterpret all,
Limited not now by the dull body’s eyes,
New-found through an arch of clear discovery,
This intimation of the world’s delight,
This wonder of the divine Artist’s make
Carved like a nectar-cup for thirsty gods,
This breathing Scripture of the Eternal’s joy,
This net of sweetness woven of aureate fire.

At that moment Aswapati beheld her with his prescient yogic vision that could look into her hidden depths. No more limited by the mortal eyes he saw through the ray of intuition that she was as if an intimation of the world’s delight held within a human frame made of wonder as a nectar cup of the gods. Her breathing frame was as if brimming with joy and sweetness woven with a fabric of golden fire.

Gold-leaf palimpsest
Transformed the delicate image-face became
A deeper Nature’s self-revealing sign,
A gold-leaf palimpsest of sacred births,
A grave world-symbol chiselled out of life.

To the seer vision of Aswapati Savitri’s face felt transformed into a deeper truth, the truth of a higher Supernature that she held within and embodied. He could see how his daughter had worked towards this divine manifestation through lives and was chiselled by experiences to bear it.

Closing Remarks
Here we see Aswapati beholding her with the vision of a yogi and a seer and not just of her father and king.

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