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At the Feet of The Mother

Aryan Ideal and the Humanity of the Future

The Aryan ideal is defined not so much by outer works as much by the inner temperament. In the ancient Indian context this word meant nobility and courage, the spirit of sacrifice, the quest for higher and higher knowledge, the seeking for Truth and Wisdom and finally inculcating all the high and great ideals and qualities that are the hallmark of a fine and developed humanity. Its purpose was to build at least a class of human beings who could be the front runners spearheading the evolutionary march of mankind. Quite a few ancient cultures such as the Japanese, Greeks, Celtic and others had attempted to create such an elite among the general mass of humanity that may not be ready to follow the highest ideals of the race. Therefore these elite among humans became natural leaders of humanity in different fields from teaching and education to farming and trade, medicine and law, science and arts. But most of all one found these qualities embodied in the high warrior type and the priestly class such as the sages and saints who were like guiding beacon lights for the society and the community.

Respect for this high type and the works they were engaged in was ingrained in the fabric of social order for this very reason. It was the ideal that earned them the respect and had nothing to do with birth. It is only later, in fact much later with the invasion of a monotheistic thought and ideologies that tried to flatten everything into an almost mechanical equality that this social order broke. The Age of Reason and a materialistic Science which only saw the body completed the disintegration of the ancient social order. This too was however needed since Nature first tries to manifest certain exceptional possibilities and then it attempts to generalise it in the race. It is during these times when Nature is trying to generalise individual gains that the eliticism breaks down. It also happens when, as in present times, it strives to create something completely new.

The high Aryan ideal will now be taken up and absorbed in creating a Spiritualised humanity, since the qualities that the Aryan embodied are those that are most needed for man’s further future evolution. First the noble human type, a godlike humanity so to say, and then the yet higher spiritual type, a divine super-humanity of the future. Here it is not the job or work that would matter so much as the inner attitude and aspiration to go beyond the human formula. What would matter is the thirst for progress towards yet higher and greater perfection than ever embodied so far. As far as the outer work or job is concerned it should be a natural expression of the inmost self in us, the true expression of who we inwardly are and aspire to become.

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