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At the Feet of The Mother

Ascetic, Yogi, Rishi and the New Possibility (TH 055)

In the way of God realization, the seeker follows different paths. Each yields a certain angle of vision. An ascetic concentrates on realizing the Divine by cutting away all other activities of life, physical or psychological. By not involving himself in the activities of nature and rejecting the movements of life he may arrive at some one-sided experience of the Divine. However this path is not generally intended for the general march of mankind. The general will in the universe is to progressively manifest the divine. So whatever we do, it must be done in a state of union with the Divine. This is a much wider and completer goal but it is obviously more difficult in the beginning. This is the path that a yogi undertakes; he is in the world but not of the world. He is not moved by any ups or downs of life. Rishi is the seer of Truth. He is open to the inspiration and intuition that rises from the depths or seizes him from above. He has found the mantra and has made an ascension by its power. But his nature is not transformed. In Sri Aurobindo’s yoga, the yogi and the rishi fuse together and go beyond. The transformation of nature and divinization of life was not intended in classical yogas. But now time has come for this new venture or a divine undertaking if we like. This new aspiration for earthly transformation has been planted upon earth and those who are open to it are progressing towards this new possibility that goes beyond all the various spiritual types that the earth has witnessed up till now.


This talk was recorded in May 2012 in Nainital.

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