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At the Feet of The Mother

Aswapati Continues Seeking Narad’s Blessings, pp. 422-423

Opening Remarks
Aswapati continues sharing his feelings about his princess daughter before turning to Narad again concluding seeking his vision.

Heaven’s dawns
Heaven’s lustrous mornings gloriously recur,
Like drops of fire upon a silver page,
In her young spirit yet untouched with tears.

Heaven’s dawns frequently visit like fire drops on her stainless young spirit yet untouched by grief.

Virgin wonder
All beautiful things eternal seem and new
To virgin wonder in her crystal soul.

To her young vision that looks at truth, all things seem eternal and new filling her crystal soul with new and virgin wonders at each moment.

Bright children
The unchanging blue reveals its spacious thought;
Marvellous the moon floats on through wondering skies;
Earth’s flowers spring up and laugh at time and death;
The charmed mutations of the enchanter life
Race like bright children past the smiling hours.

The skies of her mind reveal beautiful thoughts as the full orb of a spiritual mind floats as moon through the sky at night. The beautiful blossoms of earth laugh at time and death springing from the enchanter life. They race like bright child gods well past their childhood state.

If but this joy could last
If but this joy of life could last, nor pain
Throw its bronze note into her rhythmed days!

If this joy of life could last and pain not throw its weight into her harmonious days.

Behold her
Behold her, singer with the prescient gaze,
And let thy blessing chant that this fair child
Shall pour the nectar of a sorrowless life
Around her from her lucid heart of love,
Heal with her bliss the tired breast of earth
And cast like a happy snare felicity.

Aswapati requests the sage to behold Savitri with his omniscient gaze and bless her. He seeks the sage’s blessings for a sorrowless life and to heal with her joy the tired earth and cast felicity all around her.

Felicity on men
As grows the great and golden bounteous tree
Flowering by Alacananda’s murmuring waves,
Where with enamoured speed the waters run
Lisping and babbling to the splendour of morn
And cling with lyric laughter round the knees
Of heaven’s daughters dripping magic rain
Pearl-bright from moon-gold limbs and cloudy hair,
So are her dawns like jewelled leaves of light,
So casts she her felicity on men.

As the great tree grows by the side of Alacananda whose waters run murmuring of the mornings. Even as the river’s waters cling round the knees of apsaras dripping with magical rain, pearl bright with moon-gold limbs and cloudy hairs, so too Savitri’s dawns are jewelled leaves of light and cast a felicity on men.

Closing Remarks
Aswapati describes her daughter as a goddess born upon earth to give radiant joy to all creatures.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.