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At the Feet of The Mother

Aswapati Describes the Form of Savitri, pp. 421-422

Opening Remarks
Aswapati continues description of Savitri’s being.

A wave of joy on heaven’s moonstone floor
Although in pauses of our human lives
Earth keeps for man some short and perfect hours
When the inconstant tread of Time can seem
The eternal moment which the deathless live,
Yet rare that touch upon the mortal’s world:
Hardly a soul and body here are born
In the fierce difficult movement of the stars,
Whose life can keep the paradisal note,
Its rhythm repeat the many-toned melody
Tirelessly throbbing through the rapturous air
Caught in the song that sways the Apsara’s limbs
When she floats gleaming like a cloud of light,
A wave of joy on heaven’s moonstone floor.

There are moments in history that can be called perfect moments when the earth is surprised with the tread of the gods. Hardly a soul is born under the fierce stars of destiny that can forever keep the heavenly music. Such rare souls keep the throb of heavenly strains and rhythms as the Apsaras gliding as a cloud of light through the heavenly floors lit by moonbeams.

Pillared ripple of gold
Behold this image cast by light and love,
A stanza of the ardour of the gods
Perfectly rhymed, a pillared ripple of gold!

He bids Narad to behold Savitri’s form cast by light and love, moulded to perfection by the gods, perfect in harmony of shape carrying a golden hue around it.

Brimmed pitcher of delight
Her body like a brimmed pitcher of delight
Shaped in a splendour of gold-coloured bronze
As if to seize earth’s truth of hidden bliss.

Her body is like a jar of delight filled to the brim and shaped in golden bronze as if to seize the secret bliss hidden within the body of earth.

Even as her body
Dream-made illumined mirrors are her eyes
Draped subtly in a slumbrous fringe of jet,
Retaining heaven’s reflections in their depths.
Even as her body, such is she within.

Her eyes are illumined mirrors as if built by dream and draped in fringes of jet that reflect the heavens in their depths. Even as her body is a body built by heavens, perfect in form, holding the light of heaven in her eyes and rhythmic with the music of gods, so is her inner being. Her inner and outer being, her personality and her form are perfect in harmony and heavenly in every aspect.

Closing Remarks
The form carries its own significance and the dreams of the soul are often noticed in the eyes. This is what we find revealed in Aswapati’s description of Savitri’s form.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.