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At the Feet of The Mother

Attitude to Other Gurus and Masters

The rule of spiritual living is to turn to One Master (Guru), whoever he be, with complete trust and dependence upon him. That is why the general dictum: ‘gurur Brahma, gurur Vishnu, gurur devo Maheswara, guru sakshat Parambrahma’. Listening and reading books, going to other spiritual places and meeting other Masters has always been advised against by all Gurus and for a good reason.

It is so because Gurus are generally human beings who have risen to some height and often are channels of forces and beings with strong influences. These beings and forces may or may not be divine. Even when the movement is inspired by some divine being yet each exercises a pull in different direction and line of spiritual advance. This may not be in tune with the path one is pursuing. This is especially so with Sri Aurobindo’s yoga which is a high and specialised endeavour for a certain kind of spiritual fulfilment that has never been envisaged let alone attempted. To mix it with all kinds of influences is certainly not a good idea.

This does not mean condemning other Gurus and Masters or regarding one’s own Master as superior. Each has his own place in the spiritual evolution of mankind and has a role to play. Each awakens and answers to a kind of spiritual aspiration. Here as in all other things, it is best to follow the maxim, to each his own path. This way one is faithful to the Path to which one is naturally drawn and the Master who represents the Divine for us. At the same time one respects the right of others to follow their own way without deviating from the truth one has seen and felt within oneself.


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