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At the Feet of The Mother

August 8, 1913 (PM 066)

Today we read this beautiful prayer addressed to the Divine in His aspect of Harmony.

August 8, 1913

O SWEET harmony dwelling in all things, sweet harmony filling my heart, manifest thyself in the most outward forms of life, in every feeling, in every thought, in every act.

All appears to me beautiful, harmonious, silent, in spite of the din outside. And in this silence, it is Thou, O Lord, whom I see; and I so perceive Thee that I can only express this perception as that of a constant smile. In truth, the essence of the impression that is felt in the presence of the most sweet, the most calm, the most compassionate smile, has a feeble analogy with what I feel when I so perceive Thee.

May Thy Peace be with all.

The text above is quoted from the Third Edition, 1954 (translation by Rishabhchand Samsukha)
This book is freely available at https://www.auro-ebooks.com/prayers-and-meditations-1954-edition/


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