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At the Feet of The Mother

Becoming an Instrument of the Divine

Becoming a conscious instrument of the Divine does not depend so much upon outer conditions as upon our inner state and attitudes. One may be in the Ashram or Centre yet not be an instrument of the Divine or even be an instrument of the hostile forces wanting to disrupt the Divine Field and the sadhana of others. On the other hand a person who is far away from any Ashrama, defending the country on a battlefield against invasion by hostile forces in the form of terrorists may well be an instrument of the Divine.

In essence, regardless of the nature of our work if we do it without an eye on the personal benefits and selfish interests, with equanimity and without preference and desires but with the attitude that this work (whatever and wherever it be) is our means to serve Her and hence we do it well without caring for praise or criticism, do it remembering Her and offering it to Her, then slowly She will shape us into an instrument of the Divine.

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