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At the Feet of The Mother

Becoming Conscious: A Privilege

Mother, do You have any objection if we go to the ‘Lotus pond’, about thirty-five miles from here? If You do not want that, we shall go happily to the ‘Lake’[1] instead.

No, my child, I have no objection. I said that if they wish to go on foot, they could, but I will not give any transport because the vehicles are not in working condition and yesterday X spent more than two thousand rupees to repair them. And I do not want to spend more on this long excursion; besides, six vehicles are out of order.

If You give us Your permission, we shall manage. Some will go on cycle. We have Y’s jeep and another of Z…

Z has given you his jeep, that’s very kind of him! By the way, that too belongs to me. (Mother smiles) It is all right.

And another car, the one that belongs to A’s friend.

But why do you want to go so far? What is not there at the ‘Lake’?

Mother, we have been there so many times, that we have seen everything at the ‘Lake’.

Everything! Really? You, who do not see farther than the tip of your nose!

No, Mother, do not say that. It is because this is a new place and not so far. And we can have some adventure.

My child, I ask you, if all the energy you have, instead of scattering it here and there, if you knew how to use it exclusively for the Divine, use it with reason, with understanding, with tact, and not just vaguely, thoughtlessly, in external things, you could do miracles. What could you not do with this energy? Good God! You do not know what you have at your disposal; it is an all-powerful energy — nothing, nothing can resist its advance. It can break down all obstacles. You could do things (the Mother snaps Her fingers) like that. If only you could channelise this energy to do something good, something lasting and true, to turn towards the Divine, to find the purpose of your existence.

This abundance of energy you have — if you consecrate it to the Divine, it will be a great gain for the Divine. Instead of following your impulses and being tossed about like a cork upon the waves, if you would think for a moment about the importance you attach to these small worthless things.

I am not telling you not to go on your excursion. I am saying: My child, if you made the slightest effort to become conscious, conscious of your surroundings, to blossom in a harmonious and well-ordered life…. Life is not what you think. It is not what most people live — without an aim and without any charm. I know very well that many people are here because they happen to be here, without having even the slightest *inkling* why they are here. They give themselves to what pleases them. But you who understand, don’t you see the opportunity?

You know, my child, from the beginning of the world, the Supreme had only one purpose — to use all energies for one single aim — that each one may find his soul. Yes, that is the only reason why all the stars and these thousands of things which you see or do not see, were created. Everything aspires, consciously or unconsciously, to find its soul. And everything culminates in that.

You do not know how privileged you are. For it is He — the Supreme — who is with you, who is guiding you, showing you and watching over you, telling you so many things, teasing you and playing with you. He is always with you. A fall does not touch Him…. If only the effort is there…. It is He who has descended in your midst to transform you and lift you out of ignorance.

Now is the time, my child, to try to do something truly for the Divine. Above all, to be conscious, to do something different, which others do not do. Yes, my child, one must go forward, full of energy, for we are travellers on the same boat. Without slackening, one must go on to the very end. If your surrender is complete, nothing can impede your advance.

[1] An Ashram farm adjacent to a lake about 10 km from Pondicherry

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.