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At the Feet of The Mother

Becoming Conscious: Becoming Conscious Through Physical Education


Mother, there is a football match against…

I have no objection, whether you play a match or not. The fact of playing does not concern me if it does not help you all to become conscious, if it is only to repeat the same mistake a thousand times and you do not come out of it a little more conscious. That is why I am insisting so much on it.

Playing a match has no importance if it is not for acquiring some experience that makes you progress a little. If you do not take even the minimum advantage of what the sports or the games offer, what is the use of playing? That is why I insist — be a little conscious of what is happening all around. Physical education is a concrete test from which you can learn, and learn quickly and at every moment what life is offering us. It is a direct means of acquiring experience in life. Not the life of a shirker, but the life of one who knows how to fight, one who knows how to stand on his feet, one who learns to overcome the difficulties.

Physical education gives us not only good health and a supple, strong, plastic and well-balanced body, but it also gives us some undeniable psychological qualities, like endurance, courage, cheerfulness, and the will to perfect oneself, and most of all, this spirit of cohesion, of good will — what is called in English ‘sportsmanship’ and ‘team spirit’. They are so important, these qualities that sports bring to us. A good sportsman is almost yogic in his attitude. He gives us the impression of being an unflinching conqueror, a hero of legend who knows how to appreciate the good qualities of others, and who never plays a bad trick on another. He is honest with himself, rarely conceited, and he never tolerates jealousy. He gives the impression of someone who is trying to overcome his ego. He knows how to behave well and gains the respect of others. He is generous and fair towards others. What else do you need? If you can develop these qualities, it is already much for one life.

Physical education strengthens the system, regulates life, brings a balance and a harmony in the daily life. Discipline and confidence are indispensable to develop the sporting faculties. It helps to sharpen one’s senses and to develop the power of concentration, of endurance and many other things — the list of good qualities is endless — like the control over the body, its movements, its extraordinary development. And what the sportsman can achieve and endure is really fantastic, miraculous, incredible, and of a very high degree of perfection. And in our life, physical education is like a challenge to the tamas and the unconsciousness. Without it, life loses a great deal of its charm. It is indispensable for a harmonious and well-ordered life.

But it has to be done with the true attitude and the conscious will to progress, to perfect oneself, to give an aim to one’s life, to harmonise the different parts that clash with one another, to practise physical education diligently and attain some specific results, while you become conscious… conscious. It is in the positive and concrete application that the joy of sports is found. And the result is instantaneous. If one takes the trouble, one can master and prevail over the situation. But one has to want it, and want it truly. It is fantastic what one can achieve. With the help of physical education one can get rid of many illnesses and defects that were pronounced incurable. And in the field of sports — the dedication and effort they put in — in order to exceed or even transcend themselves… is unbelievable. It seems to me that they are tapping another source. It is unlimited… one cannot imagine. They have been able to do this.

One has to learn to direct the consciousness where it is needed, in order to avoid disastrous consequences or accidents. One learns to open oneself to the consciousness, and one guides the body so that it is alert, so that it does not blunder, so that it does not forget in the excitement, how it must remember at each movement, in each step, the true attitude and try to become conscious. Always conscious, conscious and alert, — then one can avoid all sorts of accidents. Evidently, it is a very hard and assiduous training, but I tell you that one can avoid all sorts of accidents and attacks if one can become conscious and calm, conscious of each part of the being, each element and cell of the body. It is in this way that the body must be trained and made conscious gradually, to aspire so that the consciousness enters into each part of the being, the skin, the muscles, the cells… into the entire system. If one trains in this spirit, to develop the inborn faculties, then one discovers many hidden things which are indispensable for a harmonious life and for a solid foundation in the yoga. It is not without a purpose that I am telling you to practise physical education with the true attitude for preparing a strong foundation for the yoga.

And yet you do not pay any attention, you do not take any trouble to follow this properly, and you lack the spirit in which it ought to be done. You do not make the effort to progress, to become conscious. You lack very much this conscious will to progress, to do better and better, to perfect yourself in another way, a way that none has tried. However with all this advice, these words of guidance and the essential help, I do not see any difference; I do not see any difference between you and those who are practising sports elsewhere. The same habits, the same things that motivate an ordinary man, even the common things, you repeat them, — carefully, — the same mistakes without being aware of the stupidities you are committing. I do not understand why you do not want to go beyond, why you do not want to do better and in another way. Why don’t you have this urge within you? What is lacking in you?


The Mother at the Sports Ground

After having repeated this a thousand times — or how many times I do not know — I still see, after a match, there is one who has broken his arm, and another who is limping, and many other unpleasant stories which I am ashamed of repeating; but all that does not change anything in your being, or help you to surmount these unconscious occurrences. When will you wake up a little and say vehemently: “No! It is enough, no more accidents, no more of these unconscious acts and these ignorant stupidities. It is finished. I must become conscious, more and more conscious, I must try obstinately and have this will to act to purify myself and become conscious.” Then you will see who is with you, helping you, protecting you. And nothing can touch you. But you must aspire to open yourselves to my Consciousness, and then you will see the difference. You have no idea what you are missing, what is eluding you, although it is so close to you all.

Well, take a leap and try to receive a tiny drop, and you will see the difference. One drop is enough. One drop of Peace and Consciousness is enough. It can flood the whole being with its presence, however tiny it may be. And one starts vibrating like the blade of a sword.

Then you will feel that something is upholding you, guiding you, pushing you forward, making you progress. It is this consciousness which has to be manifested in the body. Well, with this you can be sure that there will be no accidents because it drives out from us all semblance of unconsciousness. This is what I want — that my children find and live more and more in this consciousness. Then I will have nothing to worry about because I know what the result will be. And this is what I am working out in your consciousness, you understand, but with very little result.

It is not that I am against matches. On the contrary, I know very well how they can help to form a benevolent character. I know and admire the fine qualities they help to develop, and how this energy, this force and this spirit of a conqueror are necessary in life. I do not know how many times I have told you to participate in the competitions, the tournaments, with the true attitude and the right spirit. I am well aware of the benefits but a way has to be found to avoid these accidents. We shall see.

Well! I am astonished why you do not react against this epidemic. It is a malady and a dull laziness that drags you in spite of the Force I am sending. You must rouse the being once and for all so that you may be freed from this unconsciousness. Try to develop this will in yourself so that it may collaborate with my Force. This is what you must try to do constantly since it is my Force that will protect you. Aspire to become an instrument of the Force, and it will do whatever is necessary. These are opportunities, but you should know how to take advantage of them.

(Mother gives me some ‘Aspiration’ flowers) Here are some flowers to be distributed. They are charged with a force meant to awaken you all to the consciousness. Keep them carefully. And explain to the others before the game that the Mother has sent the flowers and she does not want any accident or anything of that sort. Concentrate a little, and we shall see.

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