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At the Feet of The Mother

Becoming Conscious: Football “A Complete Game”

Can’t you play football without hurting yourselves? What, can’t one do better than that? Accidents! Every day there is something, an accident or an unpleasant story. Someone is limping, another one has broken his arm, yet another has twisted his ankle, and many others… the list is endless. What, there is no end to all this. That is the condition. Can’t one be a little more conscious? All of you are in such a deplorable condition. You are wallowing in the mud, and you do not want to do anything better.

But, Mother, what to do?

So, is this the effort you are making to be conscious?

Sometimes we try, and soon we forget.

Ah! You do not react against this unconsciousness!

But, Mother…

No, there is no excuse. (silence)

Mother, the only way is to stop football — if football is the cause. If You want, You could stop football, and we will see whether accidents still occur or not. You could stop football.

Ah! My child, that, never. I can never take such a decision. For it is a very good game requiring tremendous endurance and physical capacities. And it is so beautiful when it is played well. I remember, I saw a match with a team from Calcutta and it gave me a very fine impression.

Yes, Mother, it was ‘Mohun Bagan’.

Yes, yes, it was so beautiful and spectacular. It was a flawless game of a very high quality. What unity, what cohesion amongst them, with co-ordinated movements, and each one of them doing his little work. And those passes, and those unexpected feints and, especially, the anticipation of what the other was going to do. On the whole, it was vigorous but neat and precise. And also, without nervous brutality. To me, it seemed to be a complete game in itself. I liked it very much.

It must be played like that, without collisions or brutality. Then it is good. And how can I stop the game when so many people like to play football? It is not possible. I cannot do something that would hurt everybody. Moreover, it is a game which requires much talent. Better to find a way to avoid any accident.

And it is not football alone, but gymnastics, sports and everything…. I am only asking you to become a little conscious, a little more conscious without getting excited. Then you will avoid many accidents. Every minute I am watching over you and giving you the Peace and the Force needed so that you may be conscious, conscious of your surroundings and of yourselves. But without result. It is not just football that I blame, but it is so in all the activities.

I do not want anybody to get hurt, because I am protecting my children with transparent cocoons, like a glass case put on each one individually, so that the adverse forces cannot touch them. You are so well surrounded by the Force and the Light that nothing can penetrate. It is a complete protection I have put around you all, and in spite of all this, you get hurt. I do not know what to do. Perhaps it is a lack of faith and an excitement of the body. Let us see what I can do. In any case, these accidents must be avoided. And I do not want anybody to get hurt. Once again I give you the Force and my blessings so that you become conscious. These children have to be raised out of this unconsciousness, out of this tamas and this excitement; above all, never get excited.

I am there to help you. Let us see. Bonne chance!

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