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At the Feet of The Mother

Becoming Conscious: Football “The Power Behind Her Words”


Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Well, what is it?

Mother, there is a match…

A football match?

Yes, Mother.

So, what must I do?

Mother, You have to give Your permission, if You want us to play and then put Your signature here.

Hmm… I sign it on condition that there are no accidents, and no injuries. I do not want any accident. Well? Is it all right like this?

Yes, Mother.

No hesitation, and no doubt. Will you not come back and tell me: “We tried our best, but in spite of that we could not avoid this accident?”

No, Mother, I will not say that.

So, do you promise me that?

Yes, Mother.


Mother, because…

Look here, I am not joking. I am serious. I do not want any accident.

No, Mother, there will not be any accident; that I can tell you. I am going to explain to the boys to play with moderation, and then tell them what Mother has said.

But if by chance something happens?

No, Mother, nothing will happen.

What audacity! Are you so sure of yourself and that there will not be any accident?

I think, Mother, that this time I can say that.

But how can you?

Because Mother has willed and She has pronounced that there will be no accidents. That is why there will not be any accident. And no one can contradict that. It is categorical, since You do not want any accident.

You clever fellow. Truly you are infuriating. You are incorrigible…. You have such a way of thinking…. You want me to do everything for you. Leave that aside, I was just teasing you….

And now I congratulate you. If you have the faith that nothing can contradict my word, then, remember that nothing can annul your effort and your work. You will be crowned with the ultimate victory. It is good, my child.

You know, all that I say can be realised immediately, if one has a true faith. My words have a power of realisation and nothing can stand in their way. But if the adhara, the circumstances and the atmosphere are receptive, then the result can be seen at once. It is all right, it is good. The attitude is good. I am very happy to hear this. And in addition, I give you my protection and my love to protect you all against accidents. It is all right, my child. I shall be there to see that no accident occurs.

The Mother inaugurating a special football match.

And you know, the best way of protecting oneself or avoiding accidents, is to have the right attitude, and a correct attitude towards the game and the opponent. It is a very practical method. If one has a right attitude, and if one tells oneself that the game has to be played well, as a sportsman, without hurting the others, then this also makes things simpler. Or, without being frightened, without getting nervous or irritated, above all, not to get excited whatever happens, — if one can keep the inner calm, then nothing can happen. If one concentrates a little before the game, and tells oneself that ‘nothing wrong can touch me,’ and if one knows how to remain calm, then one will never be a victim. Because my protection is always there for him who can remain calm and use his goodwill as a true sportsman. Have you read the booklet, Code of Sportsmanship?

Yes, Mother.

If one has the right attitude, not only does it influence but it acts against the bad attitude or the wrong that an opponent wants to inflict. This has a miraculous effect. When you play with the right spirit, the right attitude, it creates such an atmosphere of goodwill around yourself that nothing can harm you, a sort of magnetic ‘grip’ which can change even the attitude of an opponent who has a bad intention. It is as strong as that. And with this, the game becomes pleasant, harmonious, a collective understanding which compels us to bring out the best in us. And you can be sure that there will never be any accidents. But if you have something in your mind, even a thought or a hint of a bad intention, or revenge, then you have had it. It is the end of the matter because it rebounds on you.

It is a thing that is very much appreciated, but rarely practised — the value of the sportsman spirit. It is something essential, even in daily life. At each moment, at each step one has to know how to give or persevere in order to receive better all that life gives us in return. This teaches you self-control and a mutual and harmonious interchange.

There are so many interesting things that one learns while playing, and at each step there is a conflict, a doubt, a difficulty to be overcome, or a decision to be taken in a thousandth of a second before one acts, and this has to be done quickly so that it is a movement disinterested, harmonious and in collaboration with the others. Not an impulse or an egocentric or conceited movement which excites the vital and the body, it is this that is the cause of the accidents. On the contrary, you have to be calm and very well poised so that you may give the best of yourself.

And I tell you, with the protection which is around you all, if you make the least effort to remain a little quiet and conscious, then nothing, nothing can touch you. Absolutely nothing. You remain far from accidents….

You are not aware of who is protecting you, who is surrounding you with such care, tenderness and compassion, what a Grace is bathing you constantly and is at your disposal. With all that, if you do not make some effort to open yourselves to the Consciousness, sometimes I wonder… what for all this, all this effort, and this useless work….(silence)

Do not be disheartened. I shall be there to see that there will be no accidents. Let it be the answer to your faith, I am convinced of that. It is good, my child. Keep intact this faith that nothing can shake. An invincible faith in the Divine Will!

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.