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At the Feet of The Mother

Beyond the Human World, pp. 379-380

Opening Remarks
Savitri ventures further to spaces not yet inhabited by human beings led by her inner light, guided by her soul.

Away from human joys and fears
Away from this thinking creature’s burdened hours
To free and griefless spaces now she turned
Not yet perturbed by human joys and fears.

Savitri moved further beyond the human world into the simplicity of nature and her open spaces not yet disturbed or burdened by the human life full of joys and grief fears.

Primaeval earth
Here was the childhood of primaeval earth,
Here timeless musings large and glad and still,
Men had forborne as yet to fill with cares,
Imperial acres of the eternal sower
And wind-stirred grass-lands winking in the sun:
Or mid green musing of woods and rough-browed hills,
In the grove’s murmurous bee-air humming wild
Or past the long lapsing voice of silver floods
Like a swift hope journeying among its dreams
Hastened the chariot of the golden bride.

She came to spaces where earth lay in her primaeval beauty full of large timeless musings and a calm gladness most helpful to spend time in quiet reflection. Man had not come here with his cares and the eternal sower and gardener had filled it with wind-stirred grass-lands winking in the sun. Here were green woodlands and hills with groves where the bees hummed in the wildness. The lapsing sound of silver floods could be heard as if hope itself was journeying in a dream world. The golden bride travelled in her chariot through this beautiful landscape.

World’s immense unhuman past
Out of the world’s immense unhuman past
Tract-memories and ageless remnants came,
Domains of light enfeoffed to antique calm
Listened to the unaccustomed sound of hooves
And large immune entangled silences
Absorbed her into emerald secrecy
And slow hushed wizard nets of fiery bloom
Environed with their coloured snare her wheels.

She moved through the spaces as the world would have been before the coming of man. As she moved through tracts carrying ageless memories of the earth the calm and bright spaces listened to the chariot and the hooves. Large silences of the woods absorbed her into the green secrecy of the forest and surrounded her with flowers and blooms as if to snare the chariot wheels.

Feet of Time fell soft
The strong importunate feet of Time fell soft
Along these lonely ways, his titan pace
Forgotten and his stark and ruinous rounds.

The dance of Time took a softer rhythm along these paths. The fast stride of the titan pace was forgotten and the ruin he scatters around wherever he goes.

Closing Remarks
Savitri has ventured far into the wilderness far from human habitats. We see here Sri Aurobindo’s description of what earth must have felt before man’s advent.

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