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At the Feet of The Mother

Beyond the Walls of Death (HH 072)

The present talk is based on a Near Death Experience (known as NDE) of Anita Moorjani, video linkalso here: http://anitamoorjani.com/

Suffering from terminal Stage Lymphoma Grade IV B (a certain type of cancer of the lymph gland that had spread all over in her body) she was given three more months to live in 2005. Six weeks into this prognosis she collapsed and lapsed into Coma. Over the next thirty six hours during which she was actually medically gone with flat ECG, Anita Moorjani had a most vivid and interesting experience. The experience not only led to the discovery of her true Self within but also gave her an inner and true understanding of her illness,. It changed her perception of self and others and world radically. Recovering from her Coma and brief rendezvous with Death, she went on to make a complete recovery from her malignancy and continues to be a beacon of light and hope to others who similarly suffer. In this video she shares her experiences. While NDEs have been reported since long, this one is perhaps the best documented evidence that has been scientifically corroborated as well.

Following the video we take a look at some of her experiences in the Mother’s Light. We hope to take this up in two parts. The first part of the talk is being reproduced here. The second part is expected to take place again on the 3rd April and will be posted then.

Words of the Mother

I was at the Origin – I WAS the Origin. For more than two hours, consciously, here on this bed, I was the Origin. And it was like gusts – like great gusts ending in explosions. And each one of these gusts was a span of the universe.

It was Love in its supreme essence – which has nothing to do with what people normally understand by that word.

And each gust of this essence of Love was dividing and spreading out … but they weren’t forces, it was far beyond the realm of forces. The universe as we know it no longer existed; it was a sort of bizarre illusion, bearing no relation to THAT. There was only the truth of the universe, with those great gusts of color – they were colored – great gusts colored with something that is the essence of color.

It was stupendous. I lived more than two hours like that, consciously.

And then a Voice was explaining everything to me (not exactly a Voice, but something that was Sri Aurobindo’s origin, like the most recent gust from the Origin). As the experience unfolded, this Voice explained each gust to me, each span of the universe; and then it explained how it all became like this (Mother makes a gesture of reversal): the distortion of the universe. And I was wondering how it was possible, with that Consciousness, that supreme Consciousness, to relate to the present, distorted universe. How to make the connection without losing that Consciousness? A relationship between the two seemed impossible. And that’s when that sort of Voice reminded me of my promise, that I had promised to do the Work on earth and it would be done. “I promised to do the Work and it will be done.”

 April 13, 1962

* * *

(After a perilous month, Mother has suddenly had the formidable, decisive experience, and she gives her first message. She is lying on her bed in the room upstairs, and has become quite thin. It is around ten in the morning. Her voice has greatly changed. Schoolchildren can be heard playing in the distance.)

Suddenly in the night I woke up with the full awareness of what we could call the Yoga of the world. The Supreme Love was manifesting through big pulsations, and each pulsation was bringing the world further in its manifestation. It was the formidable pulsations of the eternal, stupendous Love, only Love: each pulsation of the Love was carrying the universe further in its manifestation.

And the certitude that what is to be done is done and the Supramental Manifestation is realized.

Everything was Personal, nothing was individual.

This was going on and on and on and on….

The certitude that what is to be done is DONE.

All the results of the Falsehood had disappeared: Death was an illusion, Sickness was an illusion, Ignorance was an illusion – something that had no reality, no existence…. Only Love, and Love, and Love, and Love – immense, formidable, stupendous, carrying everything.

And how, how to express in the world? It was like an impossibility, because of the contradiction…. But then it came: “You have accepted that this world should know the Supramental Truth … and it will be expressed totally, integrally.” Yes, yes….

And the thing is DONE.

(long silence)

The individual consciousness came back, just the sense of a limitation, limitation of pain; without that, no individual.

And we set off again on the way, certain of the Victory.

The heavens are ringing with chants of Victory!

Truth alone exists; Truth alone shall manifest. Onward! … Onward!

Gloire à Toi, Seigneur, Triomphateur suprême!


And now, to work.

Patience … endurance … perfect equanimity. And absolute faith.


Compared to the experience, whatever I say is nothing, nothing, nothing but words.

And our consciousness is the same, absolutely the same as the Lord’s. There was no difference, no difference at all….

We are That, we are That, we are That.

Night of April 12-13, 1962

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